Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SO far...

Well I find it very hard to compress all the things I want to do with all the things I must do, into the amount of time I have. HA HA, I am sure it goes like that for many. :) However since my first set of classes have concluded and I find myself with a tad of time for myself, I wanted to update at least. Classes went OK BTW, I have a B in one class and am still waiting on the final say in the other class since I just took the final last night. I should have an A but a B at the least. So that fares well so far. I must just congratulate myself on those grades and move on and not think of all the things I wish I had done and should have done and etc. Very hard to do, however. Practice is key though! :D

Other good news is life is rather free and relaxing with many issues now out of my way and those issues having taken care of themselves. Sadly it only proved things I wish I had not been right about, but that is OK. Jes and I are better off and people always prove who they truly are in the end. So with that said, that is it!

Better awesome news. I am getting married...yes poor fellow :) But Jes and I are getting married on April 1st! Yes laugh if you must! :D But we are both very excited and I have found a very nice lady who is an interdenominational blah blah whatever to do it. She runs a local store which is super cool. I believe she herself is pagan, so it suits us both well.

Beyond that nothing else new is going on. I hope all finds you all well! :D oh and watch out for buses :D