Saturday, March 17, 2012


I wish I was not working an extra 12 hour shift this evening at my PRN/old job but need the extra cash to catch up from the dentist emergency! AND my husband desktop died so of course he know has more need to use my laptop for his gaming, but it kind of works out, he is thrilled and has fallen in love with my laptop so it is now his lol and I bought a new desktop that will be here Monday, another chunk of money we were not expecting so soon, but it will be OK. I am excited to go back to using a desktop, having a larger monitor and dual monitoring soon! It will be exciting for all the new digital stuff I have delved into lately, I think. I am hoping the computer is top notch, as can be, I researched a brand I have never used before but it is American made so that thrills me and the price was very affordable for what you get.I will keep you guys apprised on that!

Anyway I have been very productive and I have some good motivation so I wish I would be at home to use it instead of behind bars, but I have plans to do some brainstorming for some new ideas and I have a fundraiser in May that I will be helping with and selling some things!

Friday, March 9, 2012

o surprises!

SO my week has been crazy, sort of, at least for my norm! Tuesday while chewing gum, my crown from a root canal I had way back when I was 14, popped off stuck to the gum, early in the morning at work, so I could not enjoy my lunch and had to do a telephone detective game to figure out who I had dental insurance with and what dentist they had auto assigned us because apparently I never picked one!

But I was successful and discovering who he was and he was able to fit me in after I got off work as long as I was there by 5pm, no problem that would be workable! SO going in I just figured OK he is fitting me he will probably ask me to come back later to fix this and fix that, since I know I had more issues than just that crown popping off. I DID NOT go in thinking he would replace the crown with the current crown (which is working so far but I have not had gum, I miss gum!) and give me two fillings in one molar and a root canal in another! NEEDLESS to say I was surprised as was my bank account and my freaking jaw hurt :S

And I still have to go back next Wednesday fr the rest of the root canal, and pay the rest of the bill, lol. (sigh) But I was able to enjoy my lunch the rest of the week!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


You are like the only person who ever comments and I miss you! Well I mean I still read your blog but you know, I miss you r comments SO I did disable the word verification just now! Hopefully it worked! I used to get A LOT of spammers and a not nice person from my past commenting and that is why I put that up there, hopefully that will not happen again.