Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day

I had the time to make a quick check in. I have had to go out of state for a funeral. Had two deaths in the last week actually, my aunt and my husband's grandfather. Hopefully the next one will not be too close to my heart. Since they say they come in threes and all. I hope this post finds everyone else well!

School is going OK. I still have a decent GPA that I am hoping to hold on to since my math classes are coming up in about 3 months. :S But my art class has proven more difficult than I thought, ahah, but the challenge is good, makes you think. But over school, definitely! So will be glad when I am finished and can focus on more art to make and creative play. It is hard to squeeze in the time I want to. I am slowly getting back to normal I think. I am less tired and trying to manage time better.

I also have a vacation coming up again soon. I am going to the Quilt Symposium in North Carolina, so that will be super creative fun. I have class though at the same time, so gotta get on it and get stuff done early so I can be able to enjoy my vacation and classes I will be taking while down there.

Stay Safe on this St Patty's Day