Saturday, November 28, 2009

and so I am left with telling you

So I bought a ring set from Zales as a present to myself for Christmas, because that is what I have ot do, but beyond that, this is the story so far and why I will never buy from Zales online again it seems. I messed up obviously and did not update my shipping address, I updated my billing address and thought I had done both, but no I guess not, so yes my mistake. However, you would think it an easy problem to remedy. NO, I called and asked them to change it and they said they would have to put in a request, well I called back to check on the request, and they said they are unable to change the shipping address because it has already been processed, HOWEVER, let me note there, they have not shipped the ring, nor have they even charged my card for it, SO why would it be unable to change! SO I told the lady if she can not change it then to cancel the order, and she said, well I can put in a request for that BUT I can not gurantee that it will cancel. WTF! SO now I am like ok what do I do now, i am just screwed here because I am not at the other address, which by the way is the former apartment ppl that I have such issues with. So if they ship it and it goes there I will not get it, and I will eb lucky if FED EX does not just leave it there or let whoever signs for it have it that isnt US! SO wtf to do RIGHT. SO she is like well if by chance it does ship you can call us back and we can call fed ex and request to reroute it to a different address. Well yeh that is real helpful because so far you have been little HELP! sheesh!!!!!!! SO I am way annoyed worried some random person will get my ring and I will have paid for it. I mean what if it does ship, go to the wrong address and someone else signs for it and gets it, YET I am still responsible for it even though I have tried as much as I seem to be able to at this point to get it fixed. A seriously jacked up situation that I am serious annoyed about. I do hope it gets rectified but at this point I have little faith!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A bit (or more really) of anger

Well I have been trying to deal with the apartment that I used to live and it was a big dump, and it was never move in ready for us and it had a horrid mouse infestation, and then the people who are suppose to manage the place, well they are not helpful, rude and never would really write down when I called to ask for things to be fixed, well ok they would od like 50/50. Anyway. SO upon wanting to leave they would not accept my 30 day notice and then claimed I owed them $2600.00!!!!!! Yeh and they had already taken the security deposit and still, ppft you think I would even pay that AND FOR A POS YOU NEVER FIXED.........ok soooo (sigh) so plus the the people who are dealing with the case you know asked me to write a dipustion letter so I did that and of course they said well it does not matter you owe the $2600.00 and we did always fix all the things. OH COME ON, (sigh) so whatever that will come back to you poeple. SO needless to say the lady who has the case, not very helpful and of course so blah. So I was really at least just trying to get the amount lowered although I feel I should pay them nothing. Well yeh right. So the case manager lady is like well I can do nothing with a verbal converstaion, and I am like well then why the hell do you want me to call you!!!!!!! So she said I would have to write another dispution letter, and wtf? this is going to help how, so they can once again say no blah blah blah, so at this point I am very frustrated because she just keeps telling me that nothing I tell her matters ?:??? Well then why do you exist at all?????? SO after some serious anger and talking to my husband, and decided that it would matter not if I wrote anoter letter and that we did not want it to get out of control and go to court etc or bite us later, he suggested we pay it!!!!!!! YES I WAS NOT aggreeing with that. But again what can I do because none of them were being helpful and I just wanted it to be over. (sigh) So yes I paid it...( But it is paid and I no loger have to deal with it or worry aorry aboutit. BUT WOW I AM still not happy about it and feel that they BY FAR DO NOT deserve it or much of anything. And sadly there were many people I met while there that this same thing happened to, so it is sad indeed. But it is behind us and I just needed to Thanks :D I must drop it and move on now that I voiced my anger.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well I have not been feeling well. Age is coming up one me I guess. I used to never go to the DR and now it seems I want to go, bleh. SO I went last wednesday and my BP was way high, which is is always at work, but that is work so that is another story, but this was a day I was off and had been doing pretty much nothing, so that was no good. So I started a new BP medicine, and oh wow what fun that has been. It caused me to miss two days at work, well actually one then I went the next day and had to leave because I was dizzy and clamy and could barely stand up, let alone do anything else. So then we I finally made it back On Saturday night, I was feeling better, but I was super tired and could barely help my patients find their balance! So needless to say I am not feeling myself physically I feel like a huge bloated balloon that can not stand up right :S So that has also led me to feel bleh and sorry for myself I guess. So here I sit at work and the normal things that annoy me are only amplified. (sigh) I am really trying to fight my self defetist attitude but in the silence of my own self, I am having a hard time. So here I sit at work and have 5 hours left still...someone help me :(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not that anyone checks often lol

Well I have indeed few followers, which is OK since I am not here that often anyway I guess. But I do get a bit lonely. I have added though an inspirations lists, of logs I ponder upon weekly and etc. Places we all love I am sure as well. I hope those I have added and will continue to add, always a work in progress I am sure it will be, especially since at the moment it has like 4 or 5. SO I hope all those who land there do not mind, but if you do, of course let me know and I will of course remove you. I of course hope that is not the case though and I thank you for all your inspirations and freebies and love of what I too enjoy.