Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter Blues it Seems

I had hoped that doing the 31 days of Backgrounds would help me not have the winter blues this year. But it sadly has not, really, sort of. I have gotten WAY behind on them due to being sick and other things. I am being harder on myself than I should but still it sucks. I still plan to continue. I was a lot sicker than I had thought, I am still recovering, I am not 100 percent. I am not even sure I was 100 percent before! Since my husband lost his job we have no insurance and so I have no more migraine medicine, it is about 800 bucks for 12 pills, so cannot afford that. It has been worse than I thought so far and it is only January! I am again looking into natural remedies as well as trying to redo my diet to try and prevent them

ANYWAY on to better things, it is February! I have some art projects to work on. I have homework to do always, finals this Sunday, two major papers due and  then new classes on Monday!

BUT October is right around then I will be done! Pray for me!