Saturday, November 2, 2013


Here we are already in November.  A month of thankfulness.

I am very thankful for my upcoming vacation, this will be my third year going to Kennesaw, GA for the Sulky Teacher Certification. On a sad note it will also be my last. They have decided that this will be the last year they teach it. I am hoping they have something exciting coming up to replace it. But I will also be there longer because they are doing an embroidery two day class right after and my yearly roomie and I will be staying for that as well.

Life has been very busy, full of work and school. I hope to return to being more creative soon. I only find small bursts here and there. I have been very fatigued and just now getting back to a little normal.

On a good note I have a job transition coming up. I hope it helps me catch up on being more creative, or at least helps me be able to be more so. I will no longer be scheduling and will be in our Human Resources department doing Lead HR/Recruiter. This will leave me with not having on call, unless I want to help out on some weekends, which I have  few just to get us all through the holidays. I am training my replacement next week and the following week some, will then sit in on our new process for HR, I am already familiar with the HR duties because I was doing them while scheduling, just will give me some fine tune time. Then I will be off on my vacation and when I come back to different job responsibility. I am looking forward to the change and hope it ignites some fire in me. Especially since it is coming on winter and i ma not as prepared as I thought I was!