Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Place Mats

There are only two of us in the house, so I just made two. Also, my table is not that big and well a put together mesh of stuff my mom gave me so I could at least have a table. Which, btw, we never use lol, It was covered and I MEAN covered in fabric, but I kinda moved stuff about and made room for the place mats and made it look more like a usable table to eat at!.

Here are the two place mats, which I made reversible as well!

And the backs!

And what the table looks like, yeh I know a sad bit of table lol! yes those are lawn chairs :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

to the end!

Well the end of March that is. I got most things done on my to do list. I did by the way get my oldest niece to clean the bathroom, so she could get some cash. Although it was not a top to bottom job, it makes me feel a little less guilty that I did not get it clean AT ALL! :P

I have got the place mats on the table and I have the SKHQB2 star quilt almost sashed!
I got it done! :D And will be posting pictures in a separate post. I still have the backing to piece and I believe I am going to be adding a border.

April will be the month to get all my whirlygiggles done. I also want to get two New York Beauty blocks into the mix, but I have pulled out fabric for a baby quilt so we shall see!

OH also I am measuring and making plans for the basement tonight! Exciting! I hope I can handle finishing it all out. I am stoked so I hope to have it all done by the time winter makes it back and will be all cozy with a new big ole' studio!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Itchy Trigger Finger...

for embroidery! I really have wanted to start some kind of embroidery, something small so I can finish it sooner than later. I have downloaded a few new ones from Urban Threads, but I have not had time to really organize something. I had a sickie bit and now I am back to my 4 day 12 hour shift weekend, so I am just wishing that I had something to stitch and wish I was at home stiching something!

I am also sadly having a "I wish I had more visitors to my blog" moment. I am not sure what to do about that though at the moment.

However I am wanting to work on some tutorials and give aways but then I hate to put up a give away with not that many visitors at the moment.

So that is that for now! :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I could be...

I could be doing so many things but I am not! I think there is a gremlin in my tummy :( He must be taking holiday in there or something! There is also a rock giant in my head but that is normal, but ugh it hurts :'(!

SO I have not got much done, heck I have not even done my laundry and I so need to do that before I got back to work on Thursday. I keep saying I have one more day, lol. I have been saying that for a few days now. I have to go out tomorrow because I have an appointment at 1230 and i can not miss that. I hope I feel better than I have the last few days.

I have got my warlock to 80! That is a miracle. I have done some sewing, but I am behind on getting what I wanted to get done by the end of March! SO poo! I will share a picture though, of something...let me see!

YES, this was me being surrounded and attacked by my moms chickens when I went to see her the week before last. Ok maybe not attacked, I think they were hungry! But I could have been dinner, who knows!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I finished my Doll Quilt a bit ago and had mailed it off a bit late, BUT my partner has gotten and loves it! I am glad :) I love it as well. I wanted to wait until it was out and home before I posted a final bit about it.

Of course the quilt was made for Jodie, over here.

I really loved making this quilt! :) SO thank you Jodie for the inspiration! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I am sure many argue whether it is a holiday or to, but eh no matter! I do not drink so it has nothing to do with that. I think it is my obsession with the Irish and the pure blooded red headedness! Yes, I am sure that makes me odd, but I am ok with that!

So I thought well lets make corned beef and cabbage and such this year...
I have never cooked corned beef before...
I have never ate corned beef before...
I do like cabbage, carrots and potatoes!

So uh so far the corned beef has been in the slow cooker for 5 just does not look right?? :S lol

How in the heck can you REALLY tel if it is done. NO, I have no meat thermometer. Yes I should have thought of that yesterday while at the store! :S

I will let you know how it ends up. I am waiting for my dad and brother to come over, so hopefully, my dad who has had corned beef before and cooked way more meats than I have, can tell me if it is safe or not, lol. And it still, to me, does not look appetizing, and I even cooked it :S

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What do you guys think?

SO I really want to get this but I am also very weary about getting it because I am not sure it is a good invetment and will really do what I need it to do. I think it will but eh you know, a big investment gets scary.

SO what do you guys think?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

need a new...

I worked in psych nursing for so long and I left it for many reasons...and working on a surgery ward, well it should not be a psych one too...I am losing my cool (sigh)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A bit of meh

I just got back home this afternoon and I was feeling very sore and tired from having slept on a bad couch and then a bad mattress on the floor. I will have to remember to take my air mattress the next time i visit my mom. Other than that I got nothing done really lol Kinda good since I could just veg but also I had my mind on a lot of things I needed to get done and wanted to get done.

I have to greatly apologize to my DQS8 partner for I will not be mailing her quilt till tomorrow so that makes it mailed 4 days late, bad time management on my part and then I just missed the post this afternoon! :( I feel horrible but she will get it and I plan on mailing it at a fast rate to make up for my badness there!

I do have some pics I need to upload from being at my moms and the auction I went to, but I honestly barely feel like blogging. But I wanted to before I head back to a long 4 day work weekend/week.

I am just feeling blah and not like doing much. I have some sewing I need to do but I just can not make myself go in there and m mind just is not with it. And I know going in there and trying to do it, I will just get aggravated and make boo boos so best not try.

So nothing seems appealing at the moment.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A weekend away

My husband has gone to his mandatory yearly training so he is about 2 hours away and i have the house all to myself. SO what to do. Leave too :D Well I am just off to spend two nights with my mom. Which I so need and her as well. She lives about an hour and half away and she is in the middle of the nowhere on a little farm, with some chickens, rabbits, too many cats, a dog and a boyfriend, lol. So it will be some no internet no cell phone service weekend. Which will do me some good. I am going to an auction with them, which I have never been to an auction so that should be cool and new.

But on note of what I have got done so far. I made it to lvl 78 and got my flying at 77, so I am now again broke in WOW land lol

I am a bit worried I might get behind on my quilts I want to get finished, but I will have to be extra diligent next week.

I have my DQS8 done and I am mailing it tomorrow and I will put a post up on that as soon as I can. :)

SO I hope you all have a good M, T, W, which is actually my weekend :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A new adventure!

Well as many know I am very dissatisfied with my current career and beyond burnt out and I would love to be able to make a decent living off my sewing talents. I also would love to get into some teaching things. What holds me back do you ask? Well it used to be the need to work 4 jobs just to live, now I just work one job and somehow I still lose the motivation A LOT! And a friend I work with asked me the other day when we were discussing things as we do, she asked me something along the lines of doesn't my passion drive me enough, do I not care enough about what I love to make it happen! Well that really got me to thinking, and feeling a bit guilty for blaming my lack of motivation on my job being very draining on my energy and soul. Now that last bit does get to be true with my job but we have to learn a new way to deal with that, because I DO LOVE it enough to make it happen, darn it!!!!! So among all that I got an email about the sulky certification teacher class. I thought, wow I would love to do that but yeh I had all these thoughts of why I might not be able to or should not and I THOUGHT wait, I want to and I could learn so much and I CAN DO IT. I find that I often really become a bit too modest, if that is the right usage of words, about my talent and all that I know and how smart I am. I do feel I have enough knowledge and willingness to learn that I too can share and teach.


I got my confirmation letter and my supply list already in my email. My class is not till October so I could have plenty of time to make sure I can get off work long enough. But I am super excited!!!

Is anyone else out there going or ever been?

And go here to learn more!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Plans :D

Here is a list of the things I would like have done by the end of March.

1. All purple whirlygiggles cut out and ready to piece.

2. Place mats Finished and on table(although yes the table is covered in stacks of fabric).

3. Sew Kid at Heart Quilting Bee 2 - Star quilt sashed and bordered.

4. Warlock to level 78 and have bought my cold weather flying.

5. Cleaned bathroom..........from top to bottom and gone through all the junk to sort and throw some stuff out!

Now I think this is a fairly good start. One I have already worked on all of the first three projects. The place mats should actually be done by next week and if I do not go wacky doing the sashing the star quilt will be well on its way by next week too. I am not that great or very patient when it comes to sashing :S Now sadly he bathroom is probably the one thing I will put off...I know horrible :S