Sunday, December 27, 2015

Repurposed Frame - Inkling

For 2016 I purchased an Inkwell Press planner. If you wish for more information on that please visit their website at Inkwell Press or do a search on YouTube and you will find lots of reviews and videos. The planner world is huge and full of options that I will not get into on this post. :)

So what is this post about??? When you receive your planner you also get an inkling, which is a quote for you. Packed randomly, yet they always seem to get to who they need to. Mine is "follow your arrow". Below is a picture of how I currently am keeping it. Framed in a frame I got from the reuse place for under $2.00. Not 100 percent happy with it as I think the word dreams distracts from it, but happy enough with it until I find a different frame.