Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blue watercolor JOurnal

Here is a watercolor journal I made from blue scraps of fabric, pearl cotton, and some fabriano watercolor paper. And of course my sewing machine, some thread, waxed linen thread and some buttons and beads! I have used Teesha Moore's 16 page journal to make up the two signatures on the inside. This is for one of my super cool YT friends who loves blue! Keep Smiling! :D

yes a sponge to hide who it is made for! :D

Monday, April 25, 2011

Art Journal Page

Here is a small finished art journal page. This is the first page I have completed in my junk journal from Aideen. This was a swap over on lifeonthescrapbeach. The only thing missing is the birds eye and I went back and added that with a black marker and put some glossy accents over it. :)


Here are some pics of the Mother's Day cards I made yesterday. You know I am not really much of a good card maker. But they will do and handmade with love!

And all the envelopes they will be sent in. All handmade from old calendars. :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Morning..Late Night

Eh never sure which it is when 4 am rolls around huh. hard to live a so called normal life when you work night shift. Which is really OK with me anyway since I am a night person and so not so called normal! :)

SO when it comes to work. I know I say it a lot, BUt I never get anything done when I work 3 12 hour nights in a row, well accept work. Which is needed with these gas prices you guys! (sigh) So nada in my journaling everyday so far, which is OK. Seem to be missing my MOJO as well, but I hope this solves it self when I get myself in my little area and start back to work on the few projects I have started and want to get finished!

SO hope to share a few things in the next few days. I do have 5 days off in a row SO surely I can get one thing done. Although also on the non fun list is grocery store, yard work, laundry and dishes!

Have a great Easter weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Journal everday second go around!

SO here are the pictured from the second go around I have done following Julies Art Journal everyday challenge! :) Again I used some things that were laying about on my desk and another tea I had at work. I have been saving them now! :) Also some beautiful stamps I got when my ATCs came back from Steph! You can see on the right there was a no gesso page and on the left was gesso. I used glimmer mists for the main color and you can really tell a difference :)

tI have started a new spread, not loving it, it is pretty dark thus far since I used black and blue, but I am going with it and we will see where we end up. I have been pretty busy with finishing up m journal YT series and getting materials together for some new RODs and other journals, so I have not worked on the spread too much BUT that is OK! :D I am still working and being creative and that is important!

Journal from YT series

Here is the completed journal I made in my Altered Journal Series I did on YouTube! I love it! I cannot wait to see what everyone else made along with me. Thanks so much for all the support you guys gave me through this video series. I had a ton of fun!

Altered Journal Series VID EIGHT-FINAL

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Altered Journal Series VID FIVE

Southern Womans Show

Went to the Southern Woman's Show today with the bestie and the bestie's oldest girl! Had a great afternoon with them, of course! I just wanted to show you this cute hair bit twirlie things I got! :D Here is the website. They have beads at the end but yuocanot see them, hard to take pics of yourself. And why are my cheeks so chubby? :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Altered Journal Series VID TWO

Supply List for Altered Journal Series on YT

Here is a simple supply list to get you guys started.

Vintage book (I recommend one bigger than 5 x 4 and smaller than 6 x 9 for beginners)

10 - 14 12 x 12 double sided papers

scraps or other ephemera papers you want to add as smaller half pages

PVA glue (alternatives: unsure still researching this however hot glue might work when we get to our spine and any paper liquid adhesive glue hat you find is strong will work for pages gluing to book)

paper trimmer

sewing machine

binder clips

Otherwise we just need decorations for your cover, inks, paints, paint brushes. All that fun stuff I know we all have! :)

First vid here! :D

Journal Everyday-finished page

Here is a page spread I have finished as I have been following along with Julie's Journaling Everyday series on her blog. I used scraps from my scrap basket that I felt match the paint colors. The tea is a tea I often enjoy that I had while at work..always need calming tea @ work! :D The white piece in the upper right side page is a receipt from an etsy seller, I ordered some washi tape and it came in during this week of journaling. I was feeling springie so I added some random butterfly and bugs. It is a very simple layout, but I really like it a lot. As I have said before I find it hard to work in my art journal when I work since I work 12 hour shifts and three of them in a row normally. So it leaves me little time. I found doing it this way I felt I had at least accomplished something ad I have a small record of what happened each day. Not sure ho I will do the next layout but I have begun on it, it has a brown vintage feel. I was again inspired from bits on my desk and some things I had recently ordered. Thanks!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Altered CDs

Here are two altered CDs I made for a swap ArteDar is hosting over on alilscrapofheaven. This was a great opportunity to do something on my to do list. These are the first two CDs I have ever altered. I am very happy with them. Especially the second one which I truly am sad to see go cause I love it so much!But I know the receiver will love it and enjoy it, ad that is the true point! :D

Be Blessed! :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AJ everyday progress

I just wanted to share a page in progress with you guys. This is for the AJ everyday challenge I am following over on Julie's blog. I actually really like it so far and I like the way the journaling for each day is going. Since I was playing catch up I followed Julie's idea and just did simple journaling of what I did on that day. Nothing exciting, trust me! :D I work later tonight so I will journal that b4 I go in and see if I add anything else to the page. At the moment I am not feeling anything but we will see! :D

Monday, April 4, 2011


If you guys remember I did a post on spoon art here. Here are two I made last night. My first two. I am not overwhelmingly happy with them but I will try them again. I had hoped to make two necklaces but I have yet to bend the spoons over and had no luck trying it the first time myself so not sure what to do about that. My colors are not vibrant enough for me. I have few alcohol inks and the blue I had is a light one so it did not work out too well. Might get some more inks before I try again. :)

A bit blurry but trying to show the color better.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Journal Everyday

Over on Julie's site she is doing a great thing every Friday about journaling everyday! Basically taking jut small times and doing something, not stressing yourself out about not doing a whole page in one day. Which I really like!

SO I signed up for April. Last month I started to make backgrounds when I could and was kinda testing the waters on what I could do in a few minutes each day. I did a bit and then didn't do everyday which is OK too! So I am siked about April, I have started this month feeling very inspired and organized, and am really gong to try and be diligent about making all my time more productive.

First I found Julie through the Prima ustream site where she did a travel journal, which is super quick and simple. I love it, I have made one already and ave another in the plans! And so on. SO after watching her ustream, I went to her site and discovered all sorts of things about her! Loving all the info, she does several different classes, lots of info on her site, she features other artists as well. I definitely encourage you to check out her site! :D

SO for today I do have a journal spread finished. The book boards are from a faber castell kit that is for beginner journals. They are approximately 6 by 5 or something. I have not measured just giving you a size to go by roughly. I laid down some acrylic paints with water over some masking tape, then took off the tape and another layer in a different color. I added some black and white polka dot paper then I brayed some gesso over the pages in a few spots. I wanted to just add black and white details but then when my husband and I went to dinner the chopstick wrapper matched the coloring great, just with that touch of green so I added that in. A bubblegum wrapper and washi tape finished it off and then I drew some circles and journaled a bit inside them.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is my husband and I second marriage year. We made it unharmed...fairly :P We had a yummie nice dinner at a Japanese reataurant. Yummie sushi and hibachi, mmmmmmm!Hoping to get lots of crafty goodness going this weekend while I am off! :D