Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some pics :)

I thought I would post a few pics from Paducah. :)

Front....but (and it so looks like a photo, amasing!)


fun and whimsical

love this one!

Beautiful Quilting

this is awesome. I am not a cat person per se, so I would have loved to see somehting like this with a wolf. But regardless this is AMASING!

this is my fave!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I had a good time at Paducah. It was smaller than I expected, it was always so big in Nashville, but maybe it was because it was so spread out. I am not sure. It just seemed like there was less this year. It seemed there was less quilts to look at too. I just dunno. Maybe it was just me. I did also though find the machine I want to buy. I have ot save for it of course BUT thrilled I tried it and it is not as expensive as I thought. :) But the husband has to have major oral surgery so that takes a hug chunk of what I already had saved :( but that is that.

So two and half more days of work left. I wish it were less indeed. I have not been able t0 sleep well at all. I got so little yesterday! I hope that when I get home in the morning I can go to sleep sooner rather than later and sleep longer than 2 and half hours. Working 12 hours after is always such crap, expecially when I have over 30 patients. But enough of the complaining! :D

I hope to get some sewing done on my two days off as well, but since the husband is haivng oral surgery I know he will be as all men are when ill. :)

So back to work...:P

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sew Busy!

I am super happy that I have been able to get so much done sewing wise on my days off.

I have all the pinwheel blocks done and I have got my layout for my colorway 2 done and have cut all the sashing and cornerstones cut. I have pieced some on the bottom row.Here is a picture of some of that.

this design wall is right outside my sewing room door on the hallway so it is hard to get a good picture since I have to stand inside the door. :)

love that red! :D

I also have been busy sewing my purple whirlygiggles. I have more than half the blocks complete waiting for trimming down and the rest are in their first stage of piecing and need to be ironed.

And here is my vertical quilt I am making with some of the bits and scraps left over from the purple whirlygiggles. I cut a lot of these at the same time to save time. I wanted something that would come together quick and be simple for a Christmas present for one of my friends this year. :)

I also got the pinwheels for my oddysea baby quilt pieced half way, they just need the last seam sewn.
I picked out the block I am making for the 3x6 quilt bee.
Printed out the project I have been wanting to embroidered.
Printed out my map to Paducah :D WOOOOT and got my list of needs and stuff, make sure I do not forget my camera!
hmmm I think that is pretty much it. I feel good, I feel I really have gotten a lot done! :D

I know I will get little done next week lol. I still have to clean the walls in the basement and paint them and go to Lowes to buy fence stuff so we can get a fence up! SO but that is all next week, and right now I have to get back to getting ready to leave out to the quilt show!!!! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pinwheel Sampler

I have been making two pinwheel quilts in the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along that Rachel has been hosting on flickr and her website, PSIQUILT. I am finished with all my blocks so I am caught up since next week she is going over sashing and such. HOWEVER, I have two blocks that are very scantly short and I am not sure I can squeeze them in and I am so annoyed that I do not think I can make two more additional blocks. SO that is where I am on that. (sigh) Somehow all my blocks came out 12 inches instead of 12.5, so trying to figure out what that is about, is it my 1/4 foot, my ruler, a combination, me not being selfish enough when sewing with 1/4 foot??? Endless questions! So the two blocks which are short are barely 11 3/4 of an inch....????


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Into the week

I have several colors I need to buy for some swaps, and want to collect some FQS for scraps to use and such. I keep looking at sites and then go OH YEH, I am going ot Paducah on Wednesday. lol SO sweetness. I have been to the AQS show a few times, when they had it in Nashville, but they changed to Knoxville so I have missed the last two years. I also have not been to Paducah before so I am excited about that. I am also taking my mother, who does some sewing but not quilting and not often, and my Grandmother who is for sure an old school quilter. I am excited for her to go because she has never been to anything like this before. I am sure she will be amased at what can be done with fabric and the quiltmaking that is going on now. She does alot from using up any kind of fabric and such, which is good indeed. I always give her my left overs and she only just recently visited a JoAnns for the first time.

SOOOOO needless to say I am excited to go! I had also better remember to maake alist of needs so I get those as well instead of just going hog wild!!! I also have to set myself a budget, which is not really bad because this is the first year where I have had more than 100 buck to spare for spending. There is so much to buy and I honestly can not wait to see all the new and exciting things going on! I am also going to make sure I stop by booth number 4518 in the pavillionn where the owner of Moose On The Porch is going to be. I know the set up is different in Paducah so I am not sure if all the vendors are in similiar areas or spread out. No idea until I get there! :D

So for now that is that! :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our newest family member :D We rescued him yesterday. He is a husky/rottweiler mix. He is scared of steps and the dark, but loves beggin strips and urinating on the birdbath. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I feel like I have been very productive today! Let us hope it is/was more than a feeling! :) I got a lot of sewing done when I got up. I finished a WIP and now it sits on my design wall as I decide if I want to quilt it and bind it or pillow turn it and then quilt it, or just pillow turn it. I really have no idea. I would like to see it finished and I am not a big fan of pillow turning things, so it is a toss up. OH I also had set up my new sewing table, rearranged for it and such, did one dungeon on WOW and started watching a movie.

I got block 5 and six finished up for the pinwheel sampler and block seven started so I hope to have that finished before I am back to work Thursday night so that I will be caught up for block eight! :D I also started a few of the mini pinwheels for sashing.

I then ate and watched a movie and a half. Did some laundry in there somewhere.

Did 20 mins on the treadmill! YEH I KNOW AMAZING! I then just blog browsed and then headed to the shower and when I was done. I SEWED SOME MORE! :)

My husband has gone to the dentist and I am waiting to see if the local animal shelter is going to call me back soonish since there is a dog I would like to go look at. I am on my 14th hour of being awake so it really is nap time soon, especially since I did 20 mins on the treadmill, oh my knees!

But I really feel that I have been productive and done well with my time! :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project Runway

So, Yes, Of course I love this show! Every year however the person I do not like the most is the winner. This year though I think has been the best overall crew as far as everyone being well rounded, creative, non catty and such! I am super exciting that Seth A. is making it to the final, i can not wait to see his line. I love his style and his taloring is indeed immaculate. I am not a big fan of Emilio, although he has been consistent and does deserve to be in the final, I just do not care for his style. I am torn on the end, I do not much care for Mila, and Jay although he does well ,and sews well, he always has some small bit I just question. It will be exciting to see the end show. I think this year will be the best so far! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Post

UGH! My husband was nice enough to share his flu like symptoms with me. So I really have got little done that was not required! I did get a few things done, two blocks for the pinwheel sampler and two almost done and four more started. I also cleaned the machine, so she is ready to go for a bit more when I am able to get back to her. I am back to work tomorrow so there will be nothing much else done in the mean time except that. Sometimes I think working 12 hour shifts is no worth it but I love having 3 days off! So it is really, but eh sometimes. One of those things I guess. SO I am now headed back to bed to try and get on schedule forgoing into work tonight and hopefully feel a little better.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!