Monday, April 9, 2018

Mom's Quilt and how it is already April 9???

In January I remember writing all those grand plans and being so focused. What the hell has happened? How are we already to April 9th, and of course I overall feel I have not done much. HOWEVER, that is not true really. But I definitely could have gotten more done in the last 3 months and week...

I can say I am doing really great on my number of books to read this year that Goodreads thankfully keeps track for me! I have read 8 of 27 books so far! One book ahead of schedule. maybe this year I will not only read 27, but beat it! I also overestimate at the beginning of the year and then waiver on towards the end. But i have found that audio books really work for me! I am able to listen while sewing, painting and even while at work sometimes.  

But on to the real fun stuff and pictures! I finally quilted this quilt that I machine pieced for my mom back in 2010...sheesh 2010 really...I actually have another one in a different colorway for myself that I may eventually finish, it still needs the sashing and cornerstones sewn to it, but that one has cornerstones that are tiny pinwheels...haha yeh so not done yet. If you are interested in these patterns I followed a long a quilt a long on PS I quilt's blog. I think it is still over on her blog even though she is quiet these days sadly, but taking care of her family which is important. 

So here I am with ma cute face and the quilt all quilted. 

And a shot of it on the machine I was using. I rented this machine from a lovely lady about 50 minutes from where I live. 

 And what I felt that day was the only decent quilted spot on it. Now that I have it back home and even finished the binding last night, I do feel it looks better than I originally thought. it has been so long since I free motioned quilted, and never on a long arm, a learning curve of course. And again finished is better than perfect, thanks Angela Walters! 

 I had hoped to also have a video up on YT since I took a short stay-cation, 3 days off work. But I spent a majority of the time sewing, and it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! More creative projects to come! :)