Tuesday, February 28, 2012


SO I do know it is the last week of February and March is here already at the end of the week and so I wanted to make sure I had something awesome to share with you before then!

I joined (of course another online class) Art Journal Caravan 2012 !

And what makes this one really different for ME, is it is digital (hybrid too which I love) I bought Photoshop Elements off Amazon last week after joining. I have been wanting to buy Photoshop Elements but needed a reason, haha and I found this and well two and two makes more for me to do!

AND although I am fairly good with online, pc, software stuff etc and have some MAC experience from back in my college days, which now seems like FOREVER AGO! Anyhow, all that and still I am a way newb for PSE. Which is OK, I am excited to learn it, I just have to remember patient with myself!

SO without further ado, my first digital art journal page and first lesson of the Caravan, a letter/reminder to yourself.

Also on a side note, I have been having some unhappy issues with my laptop and hoping she holds on for the remainder of they ear :S I fear my graphics card is going out, my fan has already gone out and I need to buy another on to put it, I am using a laptop cooler stand for now and it works OK but it still really needs that darn fan in there! :S Which also could be causing my graphics to be haywire when it gets too hot (sigh)!

so I have

deleted my boards on pinterest, I will still look and like but no longer pin.

I do have some projects to share of my own but need to upload the pictures from my camera soon, stayed tuned hopefully I will have something pretty up by the end of the week!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


exercised as much as I pinned, I would have more muscles!

painted as much as I pinned, I would have more finished paintings!

blogged as much as I pinned, I would have more blog posts!


I am addicted to pinterest.com !