Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Game Dice Embroidered Bag

Urban Threads designs online is  a great resource for creative, modern, funky, vintage...pretty much all kinds of embroidery designs, I love them. Not only do they have great designs and tutorials and freebies, they have awesome customer service! I recently ordered a set of cute small designs, 4x4 inch designs, here is a link to the designs I got.

I decided to make a dice bag as I did need one and they had a tutorial that I figured I would try. A few things I discovered as I went along. I suck at cutting circles and I should always measure for my liking even if it is different from what they are saying in the tutorial. The tutorial is  well laid out and fairly easy to follow. I have experience sewing though so for those who are beginners, make sure you read all the way through it once or twice before you start. The end product is OK, but I do plan to make another as there really is not enough room at the top for the cord and then to leave a nice looking top scrunched up. You will see what I mean in the pictures below. When making it I thought it might not be, but I continued to follow the measurements in the tutorial. You could also place the design lower to make up for that but next time I will just add to the top, that way there is more room for error with the design and top area.

Thread used were Sulky 40 wt rayon (light to dark) 1121, 1109, 1192 and Poly-lite 1195 in my bobbin.