Saturday, October 31, 2009

Drop Spindle Class

I have been inpsired lately to spin yarn. I am not a knitter really, I taught myself once. But I have to always follow directions and I am very impaitence so I really do not knit. I do know how to cochet but again I nromally do not. So why would I want to spin yarn? Ha, no idea but I know I want to learn so I did online research and read this and read that, and most all things I am self taught so I was like well I think i coudl do this and maybe I can try the drop spindle method. SO after researching and reading and honestly I was having a hard time wrapping my head around it just through the little bit I did find so I googled for any classes in my are and voila found this place. Haus Of Yarn. SO i signed myself up for their drop spindle class the middle of next month. I am looking forward to it, one because I want to learn, two, I will obviously learn from a good instructor and three, I need to get out and socialize more with people who I have thing sin common with. I need to get those creative juices going and just be with people that I hope will accept me and teach me things and learn from me. So I am very much lookign forward to it. :) SO I will keep you guys posted on how that goes.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Food :)

I tried this recipe, with a change, that I found here at Ree's blog. The shortcut to the actually recipe is here. I love red potatoes so I was looking forward to this. I added purple onions to mine and did not use any wine, since we do not drink and it would be a waste since I do not cook often enough to keep it around. It still came out delish I loved the garlic, I ate almost a whole clove, and my tummy hurt so be careful! :) Here is my picture of the finished product.

So thank you Ree! Be sure to check out her website, it is full of stuff. SO much I have yet to see everything! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The sewing room is near done.

I can say it will probably never be DONE, it is just one of those kind of rooms. :) However it is mostly sorted. 97 percent of my fabric is still in the bins in the dining room though, which is OK. It will not fit in the sewing room so I am trying to figure out a creative way to deal with that as is. But here are some pictures of what is going on right now. :)

What you see when you from the door.

The sewing area.

The cutting area. Also I will make a curtain soon. I found some nice fabric in the stash for it.

The ironing area and design wall. And funny bit yes, it is a circle :S Now I had found while browsing someones advice to use one of those vinyl table cloths, brilliant idea so I went to Wal Mart searching for one. And my husband went to, well all we ever do is disagree in Wal Mart so hence while we are disagreeing and looking at the cloths I grabbed the first one that sad vinyl! And got home to find a circle. (shrug)It will work so that is OK. :) I should by now know not to go to Wal Mart with him but sometimes I just dislike going by myself.

And the closet, which had this shelf system in it already when we bought the house. Not really organized, I have just thrown this and that in it for the moment. I am still doing a lot of organizing around here anyway so not sure how ot bes use the closet at the moment.

Now I hope to get some sewing done today!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yay, we have a new cord.

I finally got my cord in the mail this week. And so all the pictures have been uploaded, now I am sorting them out and taking some more since I actually got the last room painted, which is the sewing room. Now if I had furniture to put in it, that would be great lol. I have a bit to move in there but not much. I have to buy a new cutting table, which I hope to do in the next month. Then I want to keep an eye out for a sewing table, or something that I will like. For now I am sewing on an old sewing machine cabinet. It is not very room on top or for my legs. And for now the dining area is working well for my cutting because it has a spacious counter top. Here are some pictures.

Sewing Room waiting to be painting.

The current work area where I have been sewing, the dining room. :)

Where I have been cutting. :)

I will update a bit more later with some more pictures. :) And the finished color for the sewing room, which is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Camera cord update

Well it has to be rather sad that all I can update on is my silly camera cord or really LACK of! However after much research and annoyance with the Kodak website, I have discovered that they no longer make the cord, sell the cord or will give technical support for my camera. Well how nice is that, but oh they will be very happy to upgrade it for me, pfft. So bleh. I have however found a website that sells a bunch of cables and they say they have the one I need. So I am going to order that one as soon as I can. Sheesh! And I already made a camera my want for Christmas anyhow so I guess that will help too since mine is fairly old and is missing the zoom button! :P Only other thing to update on is that I got a washer and dryer yesterday. THANK goodness. It is very hard to live without those you know! Sad that so many do. It is the Maytag Epic z series, in red. LOVE IT!! I tried to find a pic online but I did not find one suitable enough. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

still no pictures

Well still no cord for my camera, Best Buy did not have what I needed and said I had to order directly from Kodak, but Kodak does not have my camera listed on its lists for the USB cables so I did not want to spend 25 bucks and then not need it. At an impasse I am for the moment. I will hopefully get to the old place where I use to live sometime next week and have a look around for it and hopefully I can find it. Otherwise I don't know what to do. SO sadly still no pictures and I actually got a quilt top finished this weekend! :P More on that later then I guess

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whats on the countertop!

Well sadly I still have not found my cord to my camera so I can not upload all the pics I have on it! :S But I have to venture out tomorrow on errands and then some so I think I shall go by Best Buy and see if they have one. So with that aside I thought I would share what I am up to as I now get a bit more settled into the house! :)

I saw this quilt a few months back and rarely love the simplicity, and yet it is exquisite so I thought I would give it a go and make something similar. Here at Beckys site is the quilt she made. SHe does some amazing things with just the simple use of color. I love what I have seen so far. ALl her quilts are dynamic and well done and yet simple structures. It is amazing! I love the triangles and thought I would give it a go. However a few differences, one I making my a queen (hopefully :P) and I did not use all solids, I have two Moda marbles and two other marbled looks with dots on them. I have pink, blue, orange and green, which go with my backing fabric which is a floral print with bright colors on a dark chocolate background. I will post pics as soon as I can!

SO until I get the camera cord :)

ignore my negative moment, please

I really have been trying to not drag work out to this blog to talk about. Sometimes so hard though. So with that said, comes the complaining, :(. I know! I try so hard to be so positive and my husband says I am way negative but really I am just a realist, on the cynical side mostly though, I guess. However I digress, point being, it is so frustrating to try and be good at what I do everyday when so many people are so negative, complaining, and downright mean. We all know people like that and worse, etc. Just I guess today, at this moment, I am having a moment. (shrug) Just haivng a day where I am tired of listening to someone complain about ALL the work they do and ALL the pts they get and how weekends are SO easy and it is just horrible all the other time and how they just HAVE it so hard. And it goes beyond all that, beyond work and beyond life and how it is always worse for me than you, and it is sad to think that you are over 40, have kids, and more, and had a rough life, AS YOU SAY, that you would have grown and just learned that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional! And sometimes I wish I was still my 20 year old self where I could flat out look at you and just tell you to STHU! (sigh) ok so yeh ignore all that because I could really keep going.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well while trying to get my printer to work on my wifi on my laptop I guess omehting major went PPOOOOeeee. SO I had to reformat and lost all my bookmarks lol, yeh I know big deal but argh at how i forgot to try and safe them. I save most all things onto my external drive because of these things BUT no not those, I really need to do that this time! :S (sigh) SO here I am installing software and ho humming, bleh. I had so many good sites saved and blogs, so I am like ack how will I ever remember them all. EH anyway. I also somehow have lost the cord that goes from my pc and camera so I can not get any of my pics off atm. So off to get a new cord I guess after I work these weekend, so another week without pictures. It feels like I have got little done these few days I have been off. I dunno! Eh anyway. I hope the work weekend fairs well.