Sunday, June 27, 2010


It has been a rough week at work, and on top of that I have been super awesome and done all my marathon training for this first week. SO GO ME! :D SO my legs are like WTH woman!!??!

SO now I have a few days off and I have a good many projects to ge done and start lol :D bad for starting more huh, eh oh well.

I have two blocks to finish to get mailed out for SKHQB2, they are half finished.
I have to get m package for FQ swap sent this week, waiting for the two blocks to be done though so I can mail all at once. :D

Then I have to start on my DQS9...YES. I have an idea, but I need to gather some bits of fabric and do a sketch and some finalized sizing and such.

Other than that, I am waiting on my multitude of stuff I bought earlier this week to come in :S lol Working on some little chipboard albums and other little albums for Christmas gifts as well. I found all the tutorials on youtube. I am probably way behind but they were all new and super cute to me so a great way to use the massive amount of papers I collect.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


an entire morning of my life I will never get back. I made a video and was editing it and etc, we all know how well that goes. So my husband woke up and got very mad because he did not want it posted on youtube because someone would come and steal all our stuff. I said it was my craft area. Who the hell is going to come and steal all my paints!!!!!!!! I get his point but really omfg! hours I won;t get back of my life one lol and two he is being over paranoid since no one on youtube knows where we live lol! And it was my paint area!!!!! for crying out load! Really???? so now I am annoyed and my blood pressure it up so bleh!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I buy art supplies in stead of groceries lol that must be a bad obsession....


You would think if could not breath and needed a serious cold glass of water because you just used your treadmill (12 mins total 5 min walk 2 min job 5 min walk) and thought your legs were going to fall off that you would have burned more than 72 calories lol

Training for a 5k

Yes my chunky butt is gonna do it!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been feeling white the last few days. Not entirely sure what that means. Blank I guess. Unusual for me. Sort of. So I have done little creatively. Not good. But we all need time to relax and recharge I guess, so I need to cut my poor little creative self a break. I did do a major clean fest, well except on the fridge which really needs it too (eeww). I did some rearranging on the dining are will have to get pics for you so you can see my new little art area. I will do a little before after post I think. I have watched a few too many movies, did make it to the store for a little food. Eh been so so. I have to work tonight, well Tuesday night which is an odd night for but I had trading nights with B at work so I could have off Saturday. So will be odd to go in tonight then off Weds, then in again for 4 more days before I have another day off. Yeh not looking forward to that.

I got into DQS9 but have set it aside for now. I have a few two other sewing projects I must finish and then I can bring it to the front. For now I am just letting it swim around in my head with some of the things I looked at that my partner likes.

Other than that, for now I am going to go and take a few pictures of the new dining area for you guys and watch more movies and journal a page or two. :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Need some advice

So I have really gotten into art journaling and well it is hard as heck ot upkeep one blocg honestly but I do not want to have people looking for one thing and find another. So should I do just an art journal blog, it is all more into my moving into mixed media anyway which I want to become better at. I still will always quilt and such but I do not know if I should keep it all here or separate it. I wish I could make little tabbie dos at the top, but eh alas it is just blogger.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


acronyms gotta love em
trying to not cuss well I am cussing but trying to make it in acronym form I guess!

My air conditioner is out! Just got the heffer, well it was new when we bought this house which was last November. Can not find any of my paperwork and the paperwork I can find is on a cd from our lawyer WITH A PASSWORD I cannot remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on top of that I will not go into my nieces mother being one HOAFB!



Monday, June 7, 2010

oh a picture

I realize it has been a few posts since I posted a picture! I have to do that indeed to break up the monotony!!!

SO here are some random pictures for you enjoyment!

I am tired!!!!! So to sleep I go BUT in my sleepless delirium I realized I could have made a collage picture, so all the pictures into one. I must try that next time!

busy doing something I am sure

I am sure I have been busy doing something but I can not think right off hand what it has been :P

I do know I have my first items up on Etsy for sale. Finally lol It is supply thread for bookbinding.
My Etsy

I have finished all the collage elements of my "TM" journal and am working on adding in the pen work and coloring. :D Well I take that back as of ALL, because I have actually done nothing to the cover or that back. I will though, I will.

I did some sewing and ironing. Some laundry. I worked on my ROD pages for Melissa's ROD for her Christmas present.

I also booked my hotel for my SULKY teacher cert class in October!!!!!!!!! :D I can eve bring my doggie to the hotel. YAYA :D oh and my husband lol :P

Now I am off to watch a bit of tv and do more stuff to my "TM" journal :D