Wednesday, February 28, 2018

YouTube videos - will they ever happen again?

I have been trying to find my way back to making more YouTube videos. I so enjoyed them once and do miss it. But it seems I am still struggling to gain the energy and balance of my time outside of work to make it more. I am really struggling to believe if anything I say really matters, but I know that is fear speaking and not the truth.

I also did make a video last weekend and was so excited and went to edit it, and half of it had no sound, sigh. So no idea what happened with that. And I have not decided whether I will do a voice over or just move on or re do it. I was feeling weird when I made it and felt so disorganized. It is very possible all my videos are like that, lol.

So here we are still no more videos for February. On to March though, tomorrow I am embracing that full moon energy and working on some manifestations that will see me through the rest of the year.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Kid On the Block - Lady Mia

We recently rescued a new fur babe! An 8 month old Great Pyrenees. Her name is Mia and was sadly with a young couple who are getting divorced and also not taking care of their two new pups. Another family near where they live took in the other guy who was a mixed breed and very hyper. We knew about Mia as the original owners were neighbors to some of our family. They were taking care of her and trying to find her a good home. And here we all are now. She came home Sunday and yesterday I worked at home so I could keep an eye on everyone and how they were adjusting. They have adjusted OK, but she does have some food aggression, not bad, but she thinks it is all hers and doesn't want everyone else to eat it. lol

Today they are all home alone....hoping the house is still there when I get home and she has not chewed it all up. While in the shower she had managed to find one of Jes' socks and a bag of cough drops I had on the nightstand by the bed. PUPPY LIFE!

I will share more pics later and let you know how the house ends up when I get home later!

Be Blessed everyone!