Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am not sure what state I have succumb too. A tired, frustrated and uninspired one. I lack motivation and keep telling myself I want to do certain things yet just do not do it. I get tired of hearing myself us excuses, bitch about work, degrade myself when I get nothing accomplished. Yet I a not really unhappy either spending time watching tv, chilling with the fur babies, napping, playing WOW. And I have been doing lot of socializing with friends who are dear to me. So it is not like I am really doing nothing for my happiness, but I do miss things and really need to make myself WORK them int my time frame. I do feel I am still adjusting to the new work hours and habits. And since I do sometimes work from home due to being oncall, this has brought a whole new dynamic to home life/work life, it is a bit not fun at times. It clashes, if that makes sense. (sigh) No real thought patterns tonight, kinda in a thoughtful mood, but not in such a good way where I can see any of my thoughts producing great ideas! And I think my little doggie is sick :(