Monday, August 31, 2009

frustration and kinda blue now

Well for the last two weeks every day these THDA people have wanted something else to prove on paperwork and now that it is the day we are suppose to close, they do not approve us because I make a shift differential. I am very angry and very very something, fed up I guess. I have no idea what kind of calculator they use to add up numbers but it is a bogus one.


Monday, August 17, 2009


Indeed I am behind on not only blogging but quilting, sewing my few swaps and I am sure many other things that I have forgotten. I have been so overwhelmed with getting things done for us buying our first home and work has been very frustrating to say the least which has left me drained and with very little momentum to do anything beyond what must be done at the moment.

Last night, today whatever, I did get most of the Doll Quilt quilted, I am however dissapointed with it, my free motion skills still need great improvement on different things to quilt. But we will see how it looks when all finished. I must get it done today and choose binding. I do hope my partner likes it.

Hopefully we should be closing on our house on the 31st, so I am at a loss for what I should start working on. I do not want to start a new big project so I thought I would try and do one of the UFOs I have at hand here. I need to also add borders to the pastel baby quilt I have and get pictures taken to post. I hope to have a few pictures posted by tomorrow. :D


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So.......when it brakes get a new one???

Yes well I was almost done quilting the Bright Buckeye Beauty when bam the needle slams into the plate etc bleh. SO left a huge gnash that I could not file out and the thread kept snagging on it. SO i went and look online for new plates, not sure I found the right one but I ordered it. THEN I was like UGH I Have 3 more days off work and I will not be able to sew :( SO I called a store that is about 30 mins away and I knew it closed in an hour :S SO she said bring the plate and we will try and match it. ALL WERE EPIC FAILS!!! None what else to a new machine :S Yes I know, not the like best things I guess lol. But I got a good deal and the accessories I have for my Elna are interchangeable since I got a Janome and I got a 100 bucks off it and it is cute and I can sew and I have a backup for when one goes to service etc. Which I so need to send my Elna for servicing. So there you have it. I bought a Janome 2010. So far I like it. :) And I have finished quilting Bright Buckeye Beauty :)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little bit busy and a little bit sick

I had hope to post before now but I have been on the sick side as has my husband. Plus with work and house hunting and paper organizing for that. I am a bit overwhelmed. And I spent too much time laying in front of the TV watching movies when I felt bad. Not a terrible thing I guess but always makes me feel like I have wasted a bit of time. Anyhoos, so no pictures this time around sadly just want tot try and keep afairly steady amount of blogging done so I do not get behind. I have worked on a few things. I have the main parts of the Doll Quilt embroidered so that is good and I am working on a few small bookmarks as gifts, somthing new. We will see how they work out. Not sure just yet. I have started a daily journa, I journal a lot but I took some inspiration from some one else and am doing more organized daily one with goals and affirmations to start the day out with. One day down and will do todays later before I head to work. So speaking of work...must get ready.