Monday, June 27, 2011

Junk Journal Contest Entry

Julie over @ the scraps of my life is hosting a junk journal contest. This is what I came up with for it. I always need another journal right! :D I have some pics and a vid link as well. Thanks for checking it out. And make sure you get over to Julie's site so you can vote on and after July 1st!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yay, a blog button!

So creating a blog button has been on my to do list for a long time now! AND I have done it, I made one just to try out how it was going to go, it was not want I wanted to use but it was super easy to make. I followed this tutorial from Karen, you have to check it out f you want to make your own button. Super easy! I thought I had some issues with the html, but turns out it was really blogger, well I ad my edit window left open way to long,, and you know it forgot what it was doing I guess. lol So all I did was close it and start over, and voila!

So if you see on the right left side there is my new blog button. Fairly plain but a super start for me I think. :) SO please grab it and add it to your own site! I would much appreciate it and if you have a button of your own, please let me know so I can show you some love back by adding it to my site. My new one will be a button for my store! Which needs some seriously love, lol. :) OH also let me know what you think of the button, always appreciate what you guys have to say! :)

Be Blessed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Soul Journaling Days 5 and 6

I have made it through day 5 and 6 soul journaling prompts, from Sarah.

I really enjoyed the process of finding different images and going with it. This page really represents little pieces of my personality through color, images and bits. It is fun to see what your eye is first drawn too. It is a mesh of things me. :) Also you can see a few words there, do not be alarmed by the word tragic, lol. I know my life is not tragic nor do I view it that way overall. It is just one of the words that stuck out when I journaled over the dictionary pages, as was my life. They do in their own way represent me as well as what was journaled out onto the pages.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mixed Media Commissions

Here is my first true commission work. :) These are for one of my friends @ works grandchild. She loves these toki dokis. I felt old since I had no idea what they were and then googled them and saw how popular they are and how cute they are. :D

First a few pictures taken through the process of creating them. I used 140lb water color paper and collage papers over them. Size 8 1/4 x 10 1/4.

I then used neocolors around all the paper edges (pink and black) to give a blended look and did a wash of gesso over everything and wiped some off with baby wipe. I then used molding paste with some stencils and colored those with Jacquard Lumiere paints.

I used 90lb watercolor paper to make the toki dokis, painted them, cut them out and then glued them down with matte medium.

Last two image are scanned images of the work. I am not sure whether I like the photos or the scans better. But anyway. Lastly used my paint markers to edge each toki doki to make it blend into the background more. On the guy you cannot see it well but he has another arm, but you cannot see it on the scan. The outline does show up in person. I also did a matte spray sealer over them before giving them to my friend but I did not scan them again after that. There was no real visible difference.

I am very happy with how they turned out and Angela was happy as well. And I know here granddaughter will like them too. Super cuteness! I owe a great big thank you to Angela for asking me to make these for her. :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

AJ Everyday and Soul Journaling June

Here I have my soul armor lady following prompts from Sarah, Soul Journaling, days 3, 4, and 5. It however took me a bout 2 weeks to get her complete between work and such. Putting her down and picking her up. Do not laugh too hard. She is defiantly an anime chic in armor, lol. But I do accept her and am moving on. :) She looks shiny because I put a coat of spray stuff to protect it from rubbing and stuff, it says matt on it but it defiantly is not matt enough for me. But hopefully t will protect the pastels and such from wear and tear. And of course Art Journal everyday is over @ Julie's site, Balzer Designs.

~Be Blessed~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank You

Rita sent me a wonderful thank you card and bookmark(s) gift this last week. I did a post on where I had made some bookmarks from using fusible stuff and bits and offered to send the remaining ones I had left over to anyone who wanted them. Rita asked for one and as you can see in the photo below she sent me this as a thank you. I absolutely appreciate it. I love that the bookmarks are laminated, they wll last a long time. Very smart. And they are so shiny with whatever kind of paint or medium she used on the paper. And her card is super cute. I love the paper with the bird on it. Rita also did a post on her blog of getting and what she just sent me. Go check her out!

~Be Blessed~

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So last year, at the end of the year. I bought website hosting and space and domain name. I have so done very little with it. I wish I could make it fabo and all that. But so far I have not. It sits there, wasted and I pay for it. lol, it is not expensive, I do not mind the price, but I do not do anything with it. So I thought of canceling it, but then I need it to work for me, or do I? I feel I do. But I also love my blog an it is free, nor am I planning on getting rid of it. But I wish I could combine it all together more cohesively? I lack the time, motivation and talent, patience and such. What do you guys think?

the site is Pieceful Art

check it out, but do not be amazed lol
anybody got good web talent...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giveaway over @ Sparklebluefaery

She is giving away one of her awesome handmade journals. Go check her out! It is indeed cool, as are all her other journals!


Sunday, June 5, 2011


:S Is there an answer to keep them away! I am so tired of finding them, well them finding me and scaring me to pieces! :S I have issues!

I have been seriously busy with work, some painting, some journal making and some family issues.


But I will have pics of some goodies soon and a vid up on YT as well!

Keep ya posted!