Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

First off it seems like I just said it was the end of November and here it is almost Christmas! WHAT??? I know!

I hope you all are having a great December. I just arrived in Colorado yesterday for a 7 day vacation and for the holidays! Fun fun! I am super surprised that I have been as busy as I have been this December, that it the time jut goes by so fast before I know it!

I have had a lot on the ol' mind as well. Nothing new though really. But I will be going back to school this new year and that leaves little time for too much crafting time since I still have work as well and must make sure school goes well etc etc. SO with that I have decided to shut down Pieceful Art the store site. There just is not enough time to do all the inventory and taxes and such to have a business with me working in and in school. And there are so many great ladies out there with good prices and such that it will still work out for everyone. I am sad in a way but scool is what is on the plate for this year and I do not want to stress too much and so do not want to let down any customers. There is a lot that goes into running a business as I am sure many know. :)

anyhow with that said I am off to game for a bit this morning since everyone is still asleep! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The end...of Novemeber

Wow. I wish I could say I have been super busy for this November but I am not sure I really have been! BUT it has flown by! I cannot believe I only have two posts lol, so sad. I have done a good bit of working, can always pick up some OT when it is the holidays so I did do that. We also got a new doggie so have been trying to get settled into that.

Exciting news is I am off to see Michael Buble Sunday! That will be a great start for December. And then I am off to Colorado for a whole week for Christmas. SOOOO exciting! :)))))

Hope everyone had a super awesome turkey day!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It is so hard to believe it is already November and two weeks into it! I have so been behind on my posting! I do have a new site which has already got some good attention, which really makes me so excited and proud! The new site is over here, has the same name Pieceful Art. I would love for all thse that have not checked it out please do so. I hope to be adding some new products soon as well! I will keep you guys up to date on that. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

two ATCs I made for Stephanie

Here are two ATCs I made for Stephanie, her Y is stephanoid69 and her blog is HERE. They came out alright but I made them on playing cards that I had got in the dollar bin of Target, so they are more flimsy than I would like. Not the best quality playing card obviously.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tattered Florals Flowers

Here are some flowers I made with the Tattered Florals Die from Tim Holtz. I love em :) These are going into a craft show at the beginning of November. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Phooey! :) So it has been a bit. I have nothing so exciting to post sadly. I have been fairly ill and I am off to see a specialist on Monday. Exciting :D lol SO beyond that I have little to share. Still trying to get things together for m Halloween mini, and working on a new website which I hope to be able to share, at least by the end of the year, sheesh! I would love for it to be sooner but I am trying to be realistic! Hope to share something more exciting and special next time guys! :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Card Making Day

Happy Card Making Day to all of you! I had hoped to share some pics with you but I have had company and been crafting a bit with my little sister. SO that has kept me a bit busy today.I have been busy working away at two Halloween min albums as well! One will be for my partner for the TWS October Mini Album swap over on thescrapbeach. :) I am hoping they will love it. I am pretty nervous about it since it is my first whole mini album swap. It is coming together cute I think though and I am trying to be low key, low stress and not think about it too much! So far we are doing alright! :D SO hopefully I will be able to share that with you guys soon. Until later, be blessed! :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paper Shoes

As promised here are my paper shoes for the paper shoe swap over on lifeasascrapbooker.ning.com.

So it is indeed crazy that it is almost October. And I have not even posted ANYTHING since i went back to work, lol. I just got done with my paper shoes for the paper shoe swap I joined over on lifeasascrapbooker.ning.com. So I will have those pictures up after I make the video, etc. SO probably tomorrow night. I am really thrilled with how they came out! :)

Otherwise I have been back to work, and I do find it hard to check and reply to emails let alone blog when I work my 12 hour shifts. heh, barely got time to sleep between them sometimes. :) but that is OK because it is worth it to have more than 2 days off in a row! :) I also have not been well, my tummy of course. I really need to get into my NP and sadly see about seeing a specialist, I guess. Very unhappy about that, but my issues just keep getting worse. I do also have some other things weighing heavily on my mind and heart but I will leave those out for now. With the time of season it is and such, I always get like this about this time.

Other than trying to be seriously productive, I have been watching a few shows on Netflix and trying to get through some of the books I have piled up!

BUT what I really need to be doing is finishing this Christmas gifts that so need to be done!

I hope you all find you mid week breakthrough! :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WOW a month off work is bad when You go back to work lol My feet were super tired! And I have done very little crafty wise so far. I have been playing Fable 2 for about two days straight, minus sleeping time, laundry time and bill paying time. I am working on my paper shoes for a swap I am and also I did start a round coaster album that has Mickey Mouse theme. That is a gift for one of my friends and former work buddy. SO no pictures to share this time, but I wanted to pop my head n and let everyone know I was still standing :D

Happy half way through the week :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween Banner

Here are pictures of the Halloween banner I made for this year! :D Yes my curtains are wrinkled badly lol, they are brand new and I was too lazy to dryer out the wrinkles b4 making sure they worked on the window, please disregard my laziness :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

back to work today

SO it is almost 4 am and I am awake... I have been for about an hour and half. I have a work day today and tomorrow to do some orientation that I have to re do for my old job. I normally work nights, am so not an AM person. I tried to go to bed early to make sure I got plenty of sleep to keep me awake during the boringness of fire safety and etc. But I could not sleep! SO I thought well I have better get up and make the most of it instead of laying there trying to sleep, and failing! I will be glad to be back to work though, so I can get some things paid down and of course buy more crafty things! :D I wish I had some pictures to share this AM but I have not taken anything grand and new lately. I must do before the weekend is up so I can share with you. I hope you all have an a great Wednesday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Copic Colored Edward

This stamp is from The Greeting Farm. His name is Edward. Is he not darling???? :)

Skin : E00 and E50
Hair : E19, E17 and E13 (one of my favs)
Shirt : V12 and V000
Sweater : G99 and G94
Pants : C7, C5 and C2
Shoes : 100, C9, C5 and C3 I think lol forgot the last shade I used but I wanted to make sure they stood apart from his pants so they are much darker

Get to coloring! :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hanging up some tags!

SO I got some twine and cheap clothespins and hung up some of my tags. It is not great but it is a start! Soon I will have some Team Edward tags to and up too! Exciting! I want to do something to the clothespins. They are uber boring so might paint them eventually!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Updates For Sale Page

YAY I am so excited guys! I have been able to wrangle some time to get some of the items I have for sale up on my FOR SALE page! I have added vintage paper bags in 6x9, shipping tags #5 and 5x7 polybags.These are great items for altered art and for shipping and displaying. I have great prices in low quantity orders. :)

Please tell your friends and you are always appreciated! :)

~Be Blessed~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best Friends Birth Day

SO my best friends birthday is in a few days and I am going to have lunch with her on Friday! :) SO I got her a little gift all made to give to her. I made her 3 mini albums, one for her, and then two for her daughters. They came out so cute and these really are addicted, I have more planned already! :))) Here are a few pics. I also plan on putting up a yt vid when I make it (camera charging) lol. I got a box I made as well to put them in. So I will post link of that as well. ALso I made a video of my August Halloween in wonderland pages. Please check that out. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

two more to go

So tomorrow is my last night at work, well at my current place of work. I will so miss all the wonderful people I work with, but leaving is the best thing for my own health and for my family. I hope to have many more goodies to show you and be super productive with the time I have off in the next two weeks. I have lots if things needed to be done, and I am going to do some super cleaning and organizing of my house (hopefully lol) I plan on having a little card paper workshop to get ready for the holidays, so that is exciting. And I then should be back to work, at my old job, within two weeks. So let us hope so that I do not get too comfortable at being at home :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Moon, the movie

SO yes I know this is like so 2009 :P But I just watched it. I had not been in the mood ot really watch it, but I have joined a New Moon tag swap and thought I had better get in the movie, lol. Of course I like the books, I would not say i am a super die hard fan, but I like them ok. I know do not lynch me ladies. Being a die hard vampire fan since I was no more than a teen myself and a writer, there were things that I was not in love with when it came to the books. The movies have been alright so far as well as movies go when it comes to making movies from books. I will say though after watching new moon the movie, I have new respect for Jacob. Myself always a vampire fan, you know I am like werewolf, pffft. But he defiantly gets the crap end, poor thing, and i feel the movie really brought this character out. So that is good. I still have my issues with some of the underlying themes, I have found in the book. And I am not really in love with Bella, as a character, in the book or the movies, just that character. But then that is ok cause it is all about Edward anyway right, lol. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010


I know we all know how crazy it is that it's August! (school started in my little town yesterday, so early!) I have been trying to stay busy and create as much as possible on my off days. I have so many things on my to do list. I truly hope I have not added too many to get done in time lol :S I must make a to do list this weekend so that I can make sure I get everything mailed off in time!

I have been working on new blog designs, as you can see. I really love the new look and that we can add other pages, that is awesome that blogger added that! I love it! I would love to see more traffic here, but that will happen when it happens. I have to really start to self promote. That has always been a not so good area for me!

I am working on new things for my etsy store, but I can think of so many things but have lacked the time to put them all together on there.

I will be selling Stampin Up products soon, so if you are in my area or just looking for something let me know. I am so excited to do this, to met more like minded scrappie people and share the love of stamping! :)

Be Blessed

Monday, August 2, 2010

Giveaway Goodness!

Rita is doing a giveaway over at her new website. Her website is awesome and her giveaway is full of amazing goodness!!!!!!!! She is totally awesome! GO check out her new site!

Friday, July 30, 2010

To better sleep like I had today

As I prepare to say goodbye to my current job, I am saddened by all the people I will miss. However, I know I must do for me, and my reasons for going are better off for me and my family. We all must make choices and I am happy with this one, as is my family.

So an end to now but on to better. I am not my job, it is just what I do. I have to remind myself of this sometimes, well a lot ha ha. As we all are who we are, not what job we have. I have been blessed with many people in my life, including those I have met here. I will treasure the friendships I have made and the people who have helped me so much! You will be missed as much as I am. I am also so blessed to be able to leave a full time well paying job to chase dreams and live with more simplicity (or try to be more simple lol)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

August Tag Swap

Here are some tags I made for a swap I joined in August! :D The swap was hosted by pinkscrapper99 and the theme was pretty woman with a twist of using acrylic paint somewhere on the tag. I chose Clara Barton and the base paint of white and the red cross is acrylic paint.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

for the future

So things will be changing here. you will still be able to find me here if you are looking but I am starting a new blog as well for more paper arts, stamping and journaling. I think it will be a good flow for me. I hope. I will still be sewing and quilting. And probably posting other things here as well. This is my bloggie after all :d I am looking forward to many big changes that I can hopefully push myself towards! :D I appreciate all who visit me and comment and share. There is such a great and sharing community online for creativity, it is always amazing.


Saturday, July 17, 2010


So I really like change, normally, it is good for you.

I was very depressed well not like VERY but way more than normal for me, so i had a really tough, stressful week and the last two days especially. So really crapdoodle. BUT I have made some tough decisions that I HAVE to stick with. I have been in WAY worse situations and etc than what I ma right now and I can persevere, but I also know because of all that and all my experience I am worth more than what I am right now, as in, my situation, if that makes vague sense :D SO decisions, change, I can do this and I can be better and I can be more happy and I can make my talents work for me! I am worth more than how I ma treated at my job! I am worth enough to leave it! I can find something else that is more fulfilling in being a better environment creatively and can allow me to bloom as a person, artist and business owner. Please send me all the positive thoughts you can!


Friday, July 16, 2010


SO really sad, unhappy, mad, dissapointed etc tired of being pooped on

wishing someone had the end all be all answer or at least the right way or well simplicity would be nice

I can not keep going like this

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

A bit of everywhere

So I really have been all over the place, I guess. I have done a lot of shopping, always fun right lol. SO I also had to do some rearranigng in the art craft area, the dining room, :). I also of course had to play with some of the new things I got. Plus this has been my four day work week, on my last day right now actually. Thoiught I would post quickly while it was still semi quiet before I go and wake everyone up. I have done a bit of sewing and some designing for some sewing. I finished up these two blocks for the SKHQB2, this is the last month for this bee. I have my DQS9 all sketched out and osme fabrics picked out, I need to start on it this week. I also have a quilt for a co worker I need to get completed so they can ship it off for a Christmas gift for their first grand-daughter. SOO sheesh now that I get all this down in writing here, I feel overwhelmed lol. But there is still plenty of time to get it done. I am just super tired and need to make myself go to bed early when I get off work in the AM, to make sure I get plenty of good sleep!

I also have been doing some art journaling and working on some ne wmini albums form tutorials I have been watching on youtube. I also put some videos up on youtube, now that is super scary lol. I never thought I would get hooked to youtube, but i have and i am loving it and learning so much! :D So on that note, I have got a long list of ideas for gifts this holiday season and just ideas I want to try. Alot of it a mix of scrapbooking, mixed media, journaling stuff.

I can not upload pictures fmor work...that stinks. I thought I woul dbe able to get them from my flickr site but it is not happening so no pictures this time around.

SO next time I will share some pictures with you guys. :D Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It has been a rough week at work, and on top of that I have been super awesome and done all my marathon training for this first week. SO GO ME! :D SO my legs are like WTH woman!!??!

SO now I have a few days off and I have a good many projects to ge done and start lol :D bad for starting more huh, eh oh well.

I have two blocks to finish to get mailed out for SKHQB2, they are half finished.
I have to get m package for FQ swap sent this week, waiting for the two blocks to be done though so I can mail all at once. :D

Then I have to start on my DQS9...YES. I have an idea, but I need to gather some bits of fabric and do a sketch and some finalized sizing and such.

Other than that, I am waiting on my multitude of stuff I bought earlier this week to come in :S lol Working on some little chipboard albums and other little albums for Christmas gifts as well. I found all the tutorials on youtube. I am probably way behind but they were all new and super cute to me so a great way to use the massive amount of papers I collect.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


an entire morning of my life I will never get back. I made a video and was editing it and etc, we all know how well that goes. So my husband woke up and got very mad because he did not want it posted on youtube because someone would come and steal all our stuff. I said it was my craft area. Who the hell is going to come and steal all my paints!!!!!!!! I get his point but really omfg! hours I won;t get back of my life one lol and two he is being over paranoid since no one on youtube knows where we live lol! And it was my paint area!!!!! for crying out load! Really???? so now I am annoyed and my blood pressure it up so bleh!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I buy art supplies in stead of groceries lol that must be a bad obsession....


You would think if could not breath and needed a serious cold glass of water because you just used your treadmill (12 mins total 5 min walk 2 min job 5 min walk) and thought your legs were going to fall off that you would have burned more than 72 calories lol

Training for a 5k

Yes my chunky butt is gonna do it!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been feeling white the last few days. Not entirely sure what that means. Blank I guess. Unusual for me. Sort of. So I have done little creatively. Not good. But we all need time to relax and recharge I guess, so I need to cut my poor little creative self a break. I did do a major clean fest, well except on the fridge which really needs it too (eeww). I did some rearranging on the dining are will have to get pics for you so you can see my new little art area. I will do a little before after post I think. I have watched a few too many movies, did make it to the store for a little food. Eh been so so. I have to work tonight, well Tuesday night which is an odd night for but I had trading nights with B at work so I could have off Saturday. So will be odd to go in tonight then off Weds, then in again for 4 more days before I have another day off. Yeh not looking forward to that.

I got into DQS9 but have set it aside for now. I have a few two other sewing projects I must finish and then I can bring it to the front. For now I am just letting it swim around in my head with some of the things I looked at that my partner likes.

Other than that, for now I am going to go and take a few pictures of the new dining area for you guys and watch more movies and journal a page or two. :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Need some advice

So I have really gotten into art journaling and well it is hard as heck ot upkeep one blocg honestly but I do not want to have people looking for one thing and find another. So should I do just an art journal blog, it is all more into my moving into mixed media anyway which I want to become better at. I still will always quilt and such but I do not know if I should keep it all here or separate it. I wish I could make little tabbie dos at the top, but eh alas it is just blogger.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


acronyms gotta love em
trying to not cuss well I am cussing but trying to make it in acronym form I guess!

My air conditioner is out! Just got the heffer, well it was new when we bought this house which was last November. Can not find any of my paperwork and the paperwork I can find is on a cd from our lawyer WITH A PASSWORD I cannot remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on top of that I will not go into my nieces mother being one HOAFB!



Monday, June 7, 2010

oh a picture

I realize it has been a few posts since I posted a picture! I have to do that indeed to break up the monotony!!!

SO here are some random pictures for you enjoyment!

I am tired!!!!! So to sleep I go BUT in my sleepless delirium I realized I could have made a collage picture, so all the pictures into one. I must try that next time!

busy doing something I am sure

I am sure I have been busy doing something but I can not think right off hand what it has been :P

I do know I have my first items up on Etsy for sale. Finally lol It is supply thread for bookbinding.
My Etsy

I have finished all the collage elements of my "TM" journal and am working on adding in the pen work and coloring. :D Well I take that back as of ALL, because I have actually done nothing to the cover or that back. I will though, I will.

I did some sewing and ironing. Some laundry. I worked on my ROD pages for Melissa's ROD for her Christmas present.

I also booked my hotel for my SULKY teacher cert class in October!!!!!!!!! :D I can eve bring my doggie to the hotel. YAYA :D oh and my husband lol :P

Now I am off to watch a bit of tv and do more stuff to my "TM" journal :D

Monday, May 31, 2010

so here you go

SO i got it up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDlwHSpg2WI

But here it is. still a lot of work needed on lighting will have to just remember when (IF) I make another one to have better lighting because the editing did not do enough. Also not sure it was good quality once I moved it over in quick time (exporting ha meh)


I let it try to upload for about 15 mins and lost patience after all I have done today.
Tips on uploading vids here??

Please check out my youtube link

Thanks :D

apple...yeh ftw

So I bought an Ipod after well years of NOT for the main fact that I dislike apple and usually get pretty pissy when I Have to use anything that has to do with it. HOWEVER, my sad little dinky mp3 player was not cutting it and I wanted one that could hold OODLES so yeh I gave in. Plus where I bought it from had a sale/combo thing so I could use it with my car. SO YEh.

NOW what I did not know when I bought it was that I could make videos. SO when I found that out I was wowed and thrilled since neither one of my cameras can make a video, because they lack the time, unless i was to buy an SD card, which yeh one day I will but anyhow. SO again I was like yay I can make the video I want to make.

UM so 5 hours later from making the video...downloading about 5 different non itunes programs because YOU CAN NOT get your video off of your ipod with itunes (cough hate apple) SO yes it took me a lot of programs before one would REALLY DO IT! SO then I got it and wanted to fix the color because I did not have enough light! WELLL can not do that with any of the programs I do have, I have quicktime but it is not PRO...so I freaking bought pro, it was not too expensive so I was ok with that. SIMPLE I am thinking this will be. (with apple yeh right)

So I touched it up and saved it and tried to upload it to youtube and what do they tell me, I can not because I have to change certain thing. So after much googling and trying to get exporting videos right I THINK I figured it out!!!!!!!! haha NO because it would not export it just got stuck at 27% well wtf that was an hour or so wasted trying to get it to work and fiddling with settings still no workie so ffs.

SO I finally googled some more lol (god bless google I guess) I found some this and that info about stuff that I can by no way explain to you lol SO I fiddled with settings some more. CHANGED the settings from HD (high definition, ffs who cares its youtube and me) and I GOT IT TO EXPORT....and some how unclicked the sound setting SO I HAD NO sound lol (yeh that was me, not apple but still I will blame apple right now!!) SO I tried it again and it worked and I am right now watching the video again and wanting to upload it to you guys too and wondering how that will go! lol SO let us hope I can get it onto youtube and here. sheesh

bless me!!!

Happy Memorial Day

Well I have been loads busy since I got off work yesterday. I got lots done on my "Teesha Moore" journal. I am loving it. I am trying to just enjoy it and not rush through it to get to done. Which sometimes can happen when I want the end result! But that is not the point of it so I AM TRYING. :)

I am half way through my second ROD which is for my best friend for Christmas. Which i hope I can hold onto till then because I have a feeling I will be all done with and be like I wanna give it to you now!

I also got my first block from my 3x6 bee. I still have to post all mine out this week. I tried last week, but while i was out the electricity went out in the whole town so the post would not post anything, lol.

Not much else going on. Going to try and get some items up on my etsy store this week. I am de-stashing. I really want to do a give away but it is hard to get organized!

SO on that as I sit here and watch too many videos on your tube :P I am off to create...and do laundry!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I finished my fist RODs journal! I am super excited. I have some pictures of the outside and inside before finish and after for the outside. But I want to make a video for the inside so you can see all the pages, BUT my camera does short videos lol. SO I am going to get all this pictures off and try and do it later. If not I may try and use my web cam, but it is built into the front of the laptop, so weird angle and you would see me :S scary stuff lol

SO here are a few pics :D

I did very little free or any other kind of quilting on the front. It really is very simple. I will do more on the next one maybe. :D I like this one as is a lot!

closed, tied with signatures sewn in :D

and here we have it closed, tied back view, and that little black moon strip is a piece I sewed to one of the signatures, like a bookmark placement :D
I can not wait to start journaling in it. :D I had thought to make it more clean by snipping all the threads, but I am going to go with it for now and see how it goes for. I can always go back later.


I have never claimed to be an artist although here in my 30's I am starting to believe I really am. A new one I am sure, I have indeed so much to learn! Anyway. I have been journaling since I can remember, since I always knew I would be a writer, how time changes things, lol. Still a writer indeed but yeh. :P But I never thought of myself as an "artists" so I never really did more than just journal my feelings in a simple composition notebook, line by line. However, I have always drooled over those art journals with all the visual aspects and how talented people are with there drawing abilities, which I lack (did I mention my brother is an amazing artist, as in pen and ink, paint etc, e me i Just have a sewing machine right? lol) SO needless to say eh I never really let me self go there, scared, for sure!

Scared now, NO WAY..well still scared but determined. BECAUSE, I am an artist and I have so many things I want to share and learn! SO that has brought me to the point where I have SPENT way too much money on art paper, pens, paint etc lol. BUT I am sure the outcome will be worth it. I also think it will do enormous amounts for how I have been so stressed with my day to day pay the bills job, etc.

SO YES I have become obsessed with art journals. There are TONS Of videos on youtube, some awesome people sharing there ideas and such. Very cool. YOu know I have been working on RODs, which I should complete my first one this week. SADLY, I broke the machine I was using to sew all my paper. I DID NOT want to use my machines I sew with for quilting and etc, just did not want to do that. SO I had an old Singer Millennium series??? NO idea I got it like 11ish years ago. My best friend had been using when she sewed, like twice lol :P SO I got it back from her a few years ago ad just pulled it out and dusted it. It has done great with all the little sewing the papers and etc but when I went to sew the signatures together, it was just too much to handle, so it did one but crapped out on the second. SO I am pretty sure, one it was way dirty, had not been oiled in well 11 years lol so it is amazing it lasted for a short bit. SO I pulled it apart a bit in the hopes to salvage it, but nah it was not happening. I may run to the store where I bought my last machine and see what they say,but again I do not really like the machine anyway so maybe they will give me like 25 bucks for a trade in or something lol. LIKE I need another machine lol. But with some work the machine would still be usable so maybe a new sewer on a budget can use it. i hate for it to just sit around here. HOWEVER, I also do not want to spend over 100 bucks on a machine that will just be used for sewing papers??? SO not sure if I will just go to Wal MArt and get something under 100 bucks which will be fine, but also I want to make sure this machine goes out of my house so I still have to go to the machine store. AND well the can talk me into stuff easy eh lol :P
OK Long text post there so lemme find you some kind of picture for now. I have lots I have to take but I have to re-charge the batteries. OH BTW I am getting a new camera in the mail soon. I bought a nikon coolpix, so I can carry it around in my purse. The one I use now just is not that slim so. I am excited about that as well. :) I also bought an ipod...don't tell my husband lol :)

My brother drew this for a contest for the fire peoples, he drew 2 but here is just one. I do not remember if it was for new badge thingies or for something they were going to paint on their building :S bad memory lol

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Nightmares are disturbing dreams associated with anxiety, fear or terror. Nightmares are common. (really...)

Nightmares are parasomnias — undesirable experiences that occur during sleep. You've had a nightmare if:
Your dream wakes you up (yup)
You feel scared, anxious, angry, sad or disgusted as a result of your dream (yup)
You can think clearly upon awakening, and can recall details of your dream (yup)
Your dream occurs near the end of your sleep time (I woke up so I guess my sleep time ended huh??)
Your dream keeps you from falling back to sleep easily (indeed)

Occasional nightmares usually aren't a concern, but regularly disrupted sleep can be. It can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, which can lead to difficulties at school or work, or problems with everyday tasks such as driving. (sigh)

Now I have alway shad nightmares throughout my life. Yes stress I guess etc, whatever. However, in the last two months I have had them back to back and I wake up after each one, having many. Where I have been waking up about every hour, where I use to only wake up every 2 hours...yeh sad either way. So put that on top of how dizzy I have been, stressed, tired because of this new BP medicine....I mean all of it together. BLEH!

So yeh I sure hate to go to my DR with something else. I think I will give it a few more weeks and see if maybe I get back to a more normal routine of only a few nightmares and wake up every 2 hours. I am hoping since I am starting to feel a bit better that maybe I will return sort of to a normalness. Which by the way, is really far from normal at all. But that is that!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My new bag :D

Well I have still not been feeling well, I am still having dizzy episodes and just weirdness. I am pretty worried about it and no idea what to do, really. I have no idea what might really be causing it. It really makes it hard for me to do anythng for more than 30 minutes. ANYTHING. Like typing this right now lol :S But I am trying to just push through since I can not do much else about it! I have been having a fairly hard time sewing and focusing really on anything BUT I have got a few things done, more than I thought I would really.

First here is the bag I made from the pattern I won from Clover & Violet.

Here is my all time fav love love superman bag. Time is catching up to it. I do hope my bag can keep up...

Also I signed up for this online class from Mary Ann Moss, ROD Journals. I LOVE IT! :D I am so glad I did this. I have already finished my cover and am collecting things for my signatures (pages for the inside) :D I will keep you updated on this indeed. I plan on making a few for Christmas gifts for those that I know will love journaling as well, and having something with a serious touch added just for them.

Here is my inspiration piece for m first one, which will be for me. I have a good bit done already but will leave that for next time. :D

Be Blessed All!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I won!

I know I am so excited. Over at Clover & Violet they were having a giveaway! :) I kept checking back and they had not announced them, then they added a week to it. Then with me feeling like poo and this medicine has completely wiped me out,I forgot to check back. BUT thankfully I found my post note reminding me when I was sorting bills and went and check and I WAS A WINNER!!!!!!!!! Exciting! So I won my choice of a pattern and I chose the Jane Bag pattern. And I am excited major because I have been telling myself I need a new purse, the one I have now s my all time fav, yes I made it, I will have to take a picture and post it one day. But the handle is slowly wearing away, so I have been saying I need to make another something BUT what. Well here is the answer. SO I am off to pick fabrics! :D Thanks ladies!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just because...

I did not spend the beginning years changing diapers.
I did not spend time potty training.
I did not get to see them off to their first day at school.
I did not get to give them a big brother or sister(yet!).
I did not get to help them with their homework.

Or send them off to highschool.
See them get their first touchdown, or award!

I did not get to usher them off to prom sadly, taking too many pictures! :D
I did not get to teach them to drive or see them graduate.

And then see them so proudly grow into a young man or woman and marry
and have their very own bundles of joy.

Just because I did not get the gift of doing any of these things
DOES NOT mean I am not a mother just like you.

To all the mothers who have lost a loved child before their time to blossom into beautiful people!
To all of us who share this heartache. And to all of those who think we are not mothers, or fathers, I do not know what to tell you but that you are indeed wrong! And I hope one day you become a better person on that end.

You are my tiny angel that has grown up in a wonderful haven my son.

Zachary Wayne Tillman
October 20, 1998 - October 20, 1998

How the time has gone by and I do miss you so, but I know you watch over me daily and ofr that and you I am ever so grateful!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day! :D

Here is the wonderful roses my best friend of........(omg I am counting)....14 years, plus a few where we were friends but not best best like we are now! SO the years go by. She is amazing, awesome and such a wonderful mother as well as person! We have weathered so much and for that and her I am so thankful!

Friday, May 7, 2010

not myself

Since my ER visit early Sunday morning I have not been myself at all! I have felt like diong nothing and have been very tired and dizzy and just well not me at all!

I open my sewing room door look at it and then close it right back :( sad but that is how it has been this past week. I do feel I have wasted lost days but that is just how it was.

i am hoping that when Monday gets here and my work week is done and I have 2 days off I will feel better and be more me. I can not promise much htough at this point lol

I am still having dizzy spells and a bit tired but I have been doing ok at work and the new BP medicine I am on is not making me feel super horrible at all like that last one had.

So that seems to be it. OH WAIT other than feeling fairly poopie and work being super crazy as always. My beautiful and amasing best friend sent me a dozen roses for mothers day and just to say she loved me! Made my day. I got them wehn I got up today to go into work. Total surprise and so sweet and awesome of her. I have only taken a pic of my phone so far and will try and take one which will be better in the am when I get home so I can share :DDDD

I am thankful to be so loved and have so much greatness all of which I need to be better at motivating myself so I can shareit will so many others.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The evil ER

Ok I guess it is not exactly evil but still. Five hundred bucks later for a lame diagnosis well I have to call it something!

So I had a major dizzy spell and almost passed out in a patients room. SO thankfully there was at least one person who was helpful and then I had to get my dad to come pick me up and his driving scares me and it was during all this flood mess :S So then my husband took me to the ER, yay at 4 am!

Which btw it is sad, yes I know we have many sick patients and they are way sicker then me etc, however it is indeed sad when you work at a hospital and no one cares if you really feel that bad and do not really want to help you! EH all I am saying. It has beea hell of a week anyway, but I was acutally havig a quiut good night, we all were, so why did I then get all whacked out I have no idea.

So to say I felt super bad, I have not been to an ER in about 11 yeas. YEH crazy. I remember why now lol. So attacked my nurses lol like 4 at a time, a EKG, a bad job at drawing my blood, twice, and hooking me up to the stupid blood pressure monitor, ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME lol overkill. Then off to CT, which btw this is the first time I have ever had either an EKG or a CT Yeh fun. SO then does the Dr ever say anything about either the EKG or CT OF COURSE NOT! That would be so stupid and such a waste of his time. I have no idea why I still work in medical but anyway! Bleh SO yeh 500 bucks later, and a diagnosis of dizziness and giddiness here I am, feeling like shit and not GIDDY AT ALL!!! (sigh)

oh well

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some pics :)

I thought I would post a few pics from Paducah. :)

Front....but (and it so looks like a photo, amasing!)


fun and whimsical

love this one!

Beautiful Quilting

this is awesome. I am not a cat person per se, so I would have loved to see somehting like this with a wolf. But regardless this is AMASING!

this is my fave!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I had a good time at Paducah. It was smaller than I expected, it was always so big in Nashville, but maybe it was because it was so spread out. I am not sure. It just seemed like there was less this year. It seemed there was less quilts to look at too. I just dunno. Maybe it was just me. I did also though find the machine I want to buy. I have ot save for it of course BUT thrilled I tried it and it is not as expensive as I thought. :) But the husband has to have major oral surgery so that takes a hug chunk of what I already had saved :( but that is that.

So two and half more days of work left. I wish it were less indeed. I have not been able t0 sleep well at all. I got so little yesterday! I hope that when I get home in the morning I can go to sleep sooner rather than later and sleep longer than 2 and half hours. Working 12 hours after is always such crap, expecially when I have over 30 patients. But enough of the complaining! :D

I hope to get some sewing done on my two days off as well, but since the husband is haivng oral surgery I know he will be as all men are when ill. :)

So back to work...:P

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sew Busy!

I am super happy that I have been able to get so much done sewing wise on my days off.

I have all the pinwheel blocks done and I have got my layout for my colorway 2 done and have cut all the sashing and cornerstones cut. I have pieced some on the bottom row.Here is a picture of some of that.

this design wall is right outside my sewing room door on the hallway so it is hard to get a good picture since I have to stand inside the door. :)

love that red! :D

I also have been busy sewing my purple whirlygiggles. I have more than half the blocks complete waiting for trimming down and the rest are in their first stage of piecing and need to be ironed.

And here is my vertical quilt I am making with some of the bits and scraps left over from the purple whirlygiggles. I cut a lot of these at the same time to save time. I wanted something that would come together quick and be simple for a Christmas present for one of my friends this year. :)

I also got the pinwheels for my oddysea baby quilt pieced half way, they just need the last seam sewn.
I picked out the block I am making for the 3x6 quilt bee.
Printed out the project I have been wanting to embroidered.
Printed out my map to Paducah :D WOOOOT and got my list of needs and stuff, make sure I do not forget my camera!
hmmm I think that is pretty much it. I feel good, I feel I really have gotten a lot done! :D

I know I will get little done next week lol. I still have to clean the walls in the basement and paint them and go to Lowes to buy fence stuff so we can get a fence up! SO but that is all next week, and right now I have to get back to getting ready to leave out to the quilt show!!!! :)