Friday, February 26, 2010

What makes me happy!!! :}

I found this on a blogspot when I was surfing blogs last night through quilters bloggers. I wish I could tell you where, but I did not make a note of it so I am sorry I can not remember who to thank. But I wanted to make a post on my top 5 HAPPY things as well. I really needed this too since I have been stressing about work and why I am in this career and how I wish I had a different one etc. Let us not digress and go down that path and continue to what makes me happy! These are also not in an specific order :)

1)Music-I love music. And so many different styles! I love hearing new music to see if I can find new styles and artists who move me! I do not knwo what come over me but so much can just heal my could, or keep me sane, or uplift me. I just love it! Sometimes I really wish I had been gifted with a musical talent, but I was not. I accept that, I have other gifts. :D

2)Sewing/Quilting-I love creating and playing with color! I love how I can turn little pieces into something amasing! I love making quilts and scuh for others so they can cherish and love them! I love that maybe this will be left behind and continue on when I am gone. A bit of legacy maybe. But it is all so great! I love having this natural talent and having taught myself so much in the beginning and now moving forward to learn more and learn from others. I also look forward to pushing myself so that I too can teach what I know and have learned.

3)Learning/Reading-I love reading!!! I love sci-fi, horror, auto-biographies. I especially love vampire novels! Yes all well before Twilight, by the way! Thise are not the best set of novels i have ever read, but I digress. I write and journal so reading and learning comes so natural for me. I love writing, I always thought through high shcool that owuld be what I ended up doing, but life changes and moves around, and such. But I still write some poetry and ahve ideas and keep them all tucked away. :)

4)Action Movies-I do not know why, but a good darn action movie just does it for me. i enjoy the cinema anyway, and mot movies. But Bruce Willis kikcking butt and taking names, just makes me smile!!! :D

5)Chai Tea-I just love it! I am not a big fan of coffee or hot drinks in general. But chai tea, oh it is sooooooooooo good! I have usually been cherry coke girl, which I still love btw, but I think I need to do a chai tea fit for abit! I have been drinking it on the way to work to boost my spirit and keeping extra in my locker to make at work for those just in cae moments, which is most of the 12 hours I spend at work! :P

Thank you so much for letting me share this. It really has helped. There are many more things that do make me happy but these were the top 5 I came up with super quick and also the ones I need to include more of on a daily basis, especially on work days!!! :D

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Very annoyed and sad and frusrated!

I recently applid for a dog at a rescue shelter! We have a 6 foot chain link fence and it is a big dog we were applying for and I waited and waited. I meet all requirements etc. I am a good owner and she would be inside mostly anyway! Well they freaking sent me an email back saying. AS with most of their dogs they require a 6 foot privacy fence, let us know when you have that taken care of!!!! Are freaking kidding me. I have a huge backyard and you just want me to throw up a 6 foot privacy wood fence in what the weekend! I am actually pissed because they should put that on the adoption site and especially on the part with the dog if it is a freaking requirement! I MEAN WTF! So very sad and pissed. And confused UGH!! I realise they want the best for these dogs but how many people just happen to own a 6 foot privacy fence that want big dogs and how many people can just throw that up in a snap! I really feel like telling them my mind right now because they should have that info posted somewhere. I would have just never applied! BS!

Monday, February 22, 2010


It is hard to believe the month is almost to an end. I had hoped to get a bit more accomplished this month. But there is always next month :P

I just look at my little side bar and notice I really need to get some of the WIPs finished and no new ones started!

On that note though my DQS8 is just waiting to be quilted and bound. It has to be mailed off by March 8th. I am just stuck on a quilting motif!!! I hope to work on it Wednesday though! Hopefully I will have come up with an idea for what is simple and not too simple for it. :)

I also was hoping to get my WOW warlock to 75 by the time I return to work on Thursday but it does not look like that will happen. Have ot do some other things I guess. i spent about uh 12 hours so far this week doing lunar festival and exploration achievements! :S lol However, on that note I got A LOT of achievements!!!!! :D

I entered PSIQUILT's blog redo giveaway today! I would love to get that. I so would love a nifty new title bar and a more appealing side bar area!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OH what a big box that is...

Oh yes indeed it is! How well packed it is indeed! What ever could it be????

oh yes it took me forever to get this far and what ANOTHER box in there!!!!!!!!!!

OOoooOOoo we see a peek of color, AMASING it is as well! What have we got!!!!!!!

OH MY SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Alice hand painted by Bernadette and I bought her for a late b-day gift to myself!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitchen Duos

I have been saying since we bought the new house that I wanted a set of place-mats to decorate the table and such. Also these are good for practicing your machine quilting and using bits. etc. However I have no idea what I really want. I am thinking simplicity is best for just a basic all year set. And a good place to start for now. But again I am not sure what I want. At the moment the curtains in the kitchen are vegetable based, my mom gave these to me when I gave her new fabric to make new curtains for her kitchen. But I still have no curtains on the two windows in the dining room area. SO bridging the two areas with color would be nice as far as curtains go but also I have to like it so hm hm. I was thinking some orange and purple. Both awesome colors and give some real pop and would go well with the colors of most of everything else going on. But beyond that what do we really do?

SO check off for now colors, for we will use orange and purple. I like that. More purple with some pop of orange I think and maybe some lime green to match my toaster. But what kind of simple pattern I am not sure. Still working on this. Guess I will go hunt and look for bits of fabric and then see what happens.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Frazzed Friday

Well into work we go and I was not feeling it. I had a horrible time of sleep with a horredously bad nightmare! It was so bad :( SO i just felt blah and out of it. Then on my way to work I just had all these crazy woman thoughts. ABout how I wish I could figure out how to curb our spending and live on less so that I could leave my job but then how if I do that then I do know if we get lucky to have children I will need more money etc etc. Then my mind goes into how we are just not having good luck with getting pregnant and how crappy that is and how frustrated and upset I am about that. I am so just in a hole about all those thoughts and now here we are at work and we have a good one. He is restrained and still trying to get out and screaming and uh, out of control. Poor guy. So sigh, another 10 hours of listening to that and trying to get all the work done and etc.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Movie Night

I love watching films and I can just sit there for hours and get so lost in time. So Jes and I had gone to the grocery and decided to stop by the local video store and get some stuff. Sadly to sya it is going out of business in 5 weeks, so that sucks we will have to go farther now to rent if we do. And it sucks to see another business just go away, but I guess with technology and etc, hell I am surprised in this small town it has lasted as long as it has. SIDETRACKING thoug, here are the movies...

Zombieland : Totatally Awesomely HILARIOUS

White Out : I like Kate Beckinsale, she is a real cutie and I love blue eyes on anyone who hasdark hair but the film was only so so for me. I figured out who the bad guy was way before she did so boo for that, I always hate when I have the movie figured out before the end, I need that real end surprise to keep me in love with the movie afterward.

Jennnifers Body : There were parts I skipped through since it just was not that great, typical try to be scary teen movie but eh lacking something granted Megan Fox is hot and we would all want to be her at that age I guess but eh the plot was a bit thin for me with the devil worshipers going to satan to be rock stars and creating a succubus basically. MEH

Whip It : I have been so looking forward to this movie!!!!!!!!!! And I was not disappointing. If I could be a roller derby chic I SO WOULD! I would rock that!!!!!!!!!!! Love Barrymore and was a good film for her directorial debut. Had teenage angst against a mother who we all wish we had and in the end the good chic wins even though she had her first heartbreak which we all also have ad, but she overcame and gets to do what she loves. Rock on!

Still to see

Vampire Party
Halloween II

Monday, February 1, 2010

The first day

So brings the first of Febuary and I should be at yes a break from work is indeed nice but when it comes to wasting my time, that sucks. Bleh, but oh well. I have been trying to be ultra good to and save my time so I can take a vacation, but no the snow. I made it the first night when it was all still fresh snow and did not try it the second night when it was slush and could see the ice on the hill in front of our house. But I thought it would be OK tonight well last night, but no I got stuck and took forever to get back into my driveway because I just kept spinning and burning rubber going nowhere. So 2 am and what to do. Yeh, I watched Surrogates, it was fairly good. I should continue to read the book I am and listen to music but I came to blog really quick. I did some sewing earlier in the day before I had tried to make it to work, so at the moment I just am not feeling the sewing mojo. I have been playing Aion, which is an online rpg game and did that for a bit but hence again I was like ugh so annoyed that it really was not helping. So yeh I should really go just read and get enraptured in my book and I can probably finish it in a few hours. That sounds like a good idea.