Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Moon, the movie

SO yes I know this is like so 2009 :P But I just watched it. I had not been in the mood ot really watch it, but I have joined a New Moon tag swap and thought I had better get in the movie, lol. Of course I like the books, I would not say i am a super die hard fan, but I like them ok. I know do not lynch me ladies. Being a die hard vampire fan since I was no more than a teen myself and a writer, there were things that I was not in love with when it came to the books. The movies have been alright so far as well as movies go when it comes to making movies from books. I will say though after watching new moon the movie, I have new respect for Jacob. Myself always a vampire fan, you know I am like werewolf, pffft. But he defiantly gets the crap end, poor thing, and i feel the movie really brought this character out. So that is good. I still have my issues with some of the underlying themes, I have found in the book. And I am not really in love with Bella, as a character, in the book or the movies, just that character. But then that is ok cause it is all about Edward anyway right, lol. :)

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