Sunday, November 13, 2011

I blame Rita....writers bloc

In one of Rita's posts long She shared some photos of some things she got from writersbloc SO of course I had to have a gander!

Here is what I got

I want more of these mouse pad notepads but they are out of stock right now, but love em!!!

So even though I blame RIta, I thank her too case of course all kinds of goodies over @ writers bloc! :D


  1. ROFL!! I saw the title and thought to myself--huh? I don't know many other Ritas. Wonder what this one did?

    And it was ME!!! LOLOL!!! So funny!

    I recognize a couple of things you actually sent TO me, lady! I didn't know they came from Writer's Bloc!! And you got that awesome Clairefontaine journal with the lady and the wild animals! Whoohoo!

    What a great haul! I hope you love that journal! Obviously you fell in love with it on sight, too. My fault! Enjoy!!

    I am still giggling!! :):):)

  2. You know it is you! :D Yeh those little letter thingies came from there, those were super cute!

    And yep had to have the journal!