Monday, January 2, 2012

~As Promised~

If you know me well, than you know I so dislike Walmart! But I needed a yoga mat and groceries and I was indeed too lazy to go to more than one place so bleh, I went to Walmart, sigh. It is like a black hole, you get lost in there, go in when it is light outside and come out HOURS later and it is dark. It is also a black hole for your money! (bigger sigh) But I got my yoga mat and groceries! I will be very thankful for the yoga mat because push ups and crunches on hardwood floor, so not fun!

Back to work tomorrow though, the office was closed today for the holiday. It was very nice to have a three day weekend. And a four day work week will be nice as well. I have not even peeped at my work blackberry so I hope I do not have all kinds of craziness to deal with when I get back.

And here as promised is what I have so far for the e-course Color As A Verb. I have completed the journal she shows you how to make. I thought about doing it differently but wanted to be genuine to the class so I did make it following her directions with one minor difference, I like to start my thread on the outside not inside.

Here are the signatures which are cut from Bristol Smooth paper, this will be the first time I have used this paper.

She makes the journal out of a composition notebook, so I recycled one that had writing exercises in it originally.

Pretty scrapbook paper to cover the insides.

Plain but pretty scrapbook paper for the back inside. :D

And she has you make a copic marker swatch book. I used the left over Bristol Papers where I made the signatures. I also used the leftover pretty scrapbook paper. I did not think I would get it done ever because I have 80 something markers. But it really went faster than I thought. And glad I did it, it is a great color reference.

TADA, and hopefully soon I will have some pretty stuff on the inside! :D


  1. Nice start! I love the pretty papers to jazz it up. Obviously you will be using your copic markers, too. Can hardly wait for the next peek. :)

  2. Thanks! I do hope to not disappoint, I have not gotten to work in it tonight but I hope to soon! The next lesson is to practice color which I need to do and then we do a quote for the first thing in our journal, AND omg I am so addicted to quotes that I cannot pick one out :S I am having the hardest time lol

  3. Oh, this looks like a fun project. Love your little copic journal.