Wednesday, May 9, 2012

self motivation ZERO

I need help staying on track and self motivating..sigh!


  1. That's pretty much how I've been feeling lately, too. But then I got your wonderful surprise box of goodies today!! Thanks so much!!! I have to go back and go over everything one by one....and post pictures!! :):) Thanks again, sweetie!!! You made my day. :)

  2. Someone who makes such a beautiful art should not lack self motivation ;) You inspire me so I would really love to see more of your incredible journals :)

  3. Rita, I know maybe summer will make it better for you, warm you up!

    Mobycat, thanks, sweet comments and you are right, work has just been draining my energy which I need to get more control over not letting them! I must follow my heart and fill my heart with my passion, my dreams! :)

    thank you!!!