Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jay Shafer: The Politics of Tiny Houses

Jay Shafer: The Politics of Tiny Houses

This was eye opening to know there are really laws to live smaller?? WTH, really enjoyed this! 

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  1. It would be easy enough to move one of these tiny houses into a trailer park, I would think. I didn't realize it was illegal to live in a tiny house, though. I guess I never thought about it. With the economy like it is, I would think there would be more people looking into trailer houses and tiny houses. The tiny houses look way sturdier than the metal trailer homes. I could never fit all my stuff into a tiny house. It would have to be bigger than that and no climbing up to go to bed and I'm need a lounger type chair to put my feet up or my ankles swell--LOL! Everything I have right now would fit into a mobile home quite nicely. Never could afford one--LOL! That was a cool video. I have seen his homes before and others, but not this video. Thanks! :)