Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thank you

to all the healthcare people who work on the holidays especially the ones in the ER tonight, you were nicer than what I expected!

And no worries all I am fine, but thankful for my first pain shot ever! I will get some sleep finally!


  1. What? I've been on computer vacation for several days, did I miss something? What the heck happened? What were you in emergency? Why did you need a pain shot?

  2. lol all is well, I just have swimmers ear, had it since Friday and my homeopathic treatments were not cutting it and i could not stop crying form the pain so my husband made me go to the ER. And I got my first pain shot ever lol Second time i have gotten swimmers ear this year, I had it over the summer as well, not sure why since I have never had had it before not even as a child when I did swim!