Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clutch Play - online class

I am indeed addicted to online classes! I have so many I have not even made it through and some I signed up for like 3 years ago, so bad! Anyway--here is a review of one I did get through though and recently. It was a short class from Roben-Marie Smith called Clutch Play, below I have some pictures of the one I made my best friends daughter for Christmas 2012.

I have been a fan of Roben's work for a while now and thought about taking one of her journaling classes, but well we all know I sign up for so many and never make it through them so I was really not wanting to spend that much money until I got a feel for how she teaches classes, kind of wanting to knwo her style, you know. So awhile back she put the clutch play class on sale so I thought that was a good opportunity for me to check out her teaching style. 

For myself I already am an avid journal maker and sewer so the class was easy for me and the techniques were not new except for the way she inserted the zipper, which I did enjoy. I do not struggle with zipper though and had already knew a good technique for inserting zippers but her method was new to me and she does not sew it to the inside of, she sews it to the outside, but you cannot tell because of the embellishment over it.

I did enjoy this class but honestly besides the zipper method learned nothing I did not already know or do. But if you have not made a little bag before, or simple journal as well are scared of zippers I do recommend it!  I also do plan on making more but tweaking it a bit for my own needs and sewing style.

I do plan on possible trying a class one day, one of her journaling classes because I so love her style but I have life book this year as well as may other classes I have yet to get through that it will maybe be next year! I am currently trying to get through Painted Faces with Christy, but I am so struggling, sigh!


  1. Cute projects.
    I have never taken an online class. But I know of many that just love them.

  2. Thanks Tracy, I am sadly addicted!