Thursday, January 7, 2016

What to do when you do not know what to do?

Just seeking some solice from my current mind, the decisions that sometimes have to be made that are so tough and life changing, scary they can be. How do you guys weigh things and figure out how to make major decisions? Pros and Cons, or other ways, talking about them etc?


  1. When in doubt--wait. The answer will become clear. That's what I do. But that is because I tend to want fast answers. If it is such a big decision that I am overwhelmed then I kind of hand it over and wait for signs. I find that when I stop trying to figure it out on my own and hand it over to whatever is best for my soul's path--the answers tend to come quickly and be better than expected. But then I am honestly a bit weird. ;)

    1. Yeh good advice indeed, I think I am a talk myself through it kind of person mostly. It worked out, I mean I talked myself through all the what ifs etc enough that I made a decision anyway. :)