Friday, June 17, 2016

Hot Potato!

It has been a hot, hot month so far you guys, but I am pretty pasty and allergic to the sun and well love air conditioning! BUT still it has been hot, I guess really more humid. Here in Tennessee, the humidity is horrible! I have also had a super busy few months. June was a wedding and worked a bit extra month. And May was pretty much work and I also had this horrible stomach bug that lasted for 36-ish hours, man I have not been that sick for like 12 years. Then I did not eat for 5 days, which is insane, but I could not.

So enough with all that. But it is still early June, so not all the way through yet. But I work all this weekend and then next week I have a three day weekend but then it goes right into the next weekend which is July 4th weekend and I work all that plus July 4th.

I wanted to stop by though and say HI! As I never do enough! Hope you guys are all staying cool! And I will have some new project shares in July. And I am going to start working on a e-course for journal making, let me know what else you guys might want to see either in e-course or on some YouTube tutorials.

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  1. Sounds like the bug I had over a month ago and then had a kind of relapse a week or so ago. I couldn't eat or drink for three days, either. Got really dehydrated so drink lots of fluids!!

    Life can get very busy. Hope you're going to feel well now and be waiting to hear about your journal class. :)