Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Happy Tuesday! I am working hard to muster positive energy as recently got a lot going on financially and it is stressful. As most of you know my dad passed in July and had nothing to help with his end of life needs, so it wiped out my savings a long with I had to get a loan to pay part of the cremation. Now my car needs major work ($1100.00 worth), and it is hard when so much stuff hits you at once. I cannot really complain though as it could be a lot worse and I am blessed with a good job and will make it, I know. But it sucks regardless on how life can be so expensive sometimes, and let me not get on a soap box about costs going up, but wages not.

SO we shall change over to better things. 

I am really trying to push through my energy to hit PUBLISH on my new website, there are so many things that I want it to be, that it is not yet. But I need to get it out there and make it work. Especially since I have been paying for hosting for almost a year now and it is hiding from everyone.

I also need to revamp my FB page (not my personal one), not sure I will keep it or not honestly, but it needs an update and some love if I do plan to keep it.

It is a lot to maintain when you have a demanding corporate 9-5'er, and I have definitely not been doing well on that end. I commend those who are able to make that work for them right now. It takes a lot of work, plus your YT videos and Patreon pages if you have them. Another avenues I have been thinking on, but how when I cannot even upkeep other stuff. I do not plan to keep Etsy going since they have upped their fees and my website will have a store option, that is way better for me, all in once place.

Anyway, quick update, happy Tuesday!

Have a blessed week, if you stopped by please say hi! :)

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  1. Good grief!! That IS a lot to deal with. Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering about how you were doing a little while back. All you can do is make up a list of priorities and go down one by one--and don't overload yourself!! Nice to see you. :)