Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So.......when it brakes get a new one???

Yes well I was almost done quilting the Bright Buckeye Beauty when bam the needle slams into the plate etc bleh. SO left a huge gnash that I could not file out and the thread kept snagging on it. SO i went and look online for new plates, not sure I found the right one but I ordered it. THEN I was like UGH I Have 3 more days off work and I will not be able to sew :( SO I called a store that is about 30 mins away and I knew it closed in an hour :S SO she said bring the plate and we will try and match it. ALL WERE EPIC FAILS!!! None matched.....so what else to do......buy a new machine :S Yes I know, not the like best things I guess lol. But I got a good deal and the accessories I have for my Elna are interchangeable since I got a Janome and I got a 100 bucks off it and it is cute and I can sew and I have a backup for when one goes to service etc. Which I so need to send my Elna for servicing. So there you have it. I bought a Janome 2010. So far I like it. :) And I have finished quilting Bright Buckeye Beauty :)


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