Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little bit busy and a little bit sick

I had hope to post before now but I have been on the sick side as has my husband. Plus with work and house hunting and paper organizing for that. I am a bit overwhelmed. And I spent too much time laying in front of the TV watching movies when I felt bad. Not a terrible thing I guess but always makes me feel like I have wasted a bit of time. Anyhoos, so no pictures this time around sadly just want tot try and keep afairly steady amount of blogging done so I do not get behind. I have worked on a few things. I have the main parts of the Doll Quilt embroidered so that is good and I am working on a few small bookmarks as gifts, somthing new. We will see how they work out. Not sure just yet. I have started a daily journa, I journal a lot but I took some inspiration from some one else and am doing more organized daily one with goals and affirmations to start the day out with. One day down and will do todays later before I head to work. So speaking of work...must get ready.

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