Saturday, November 28, 2009

and so I am left with telling you

So I bought a ring set from Zales as a present to myself for Christmas, because that is what I have ot do, but beyond that, this is the story so far and why I will never buy from Zales online again it seems. I messed up obviously and did not update my shipping address, I updated my billing address and thought I had done both, but no I guess not, so yes my mistake. However, you would think it an easy problem to remedy. NO, I called and asked them to change it and they said they would have to put in a request, well I called back to check on the request, and they said they are unable to change the shipping address because it has already been processed, HOWEVER, let me note there, they have not shipped the ring, nor have they even charged my card for it, SO why would it be unable to change! SO I told the lady if she can not change it then to cancel the order, and she said, well I can put in a request for that BUT I can not gurantee that it will cancel. WTF! SO now I am like ok what do I do now, i am just screwed here because I am not at the other address, which by the way is the former apartment ppl that I have such issues with. So if they ship it and it goes there I will not get it, and I will eb lucky if FED EX does not just leave it there or let whoever signs for it have it that isnt US! SO wtf to do RIGHT. SO she is like well if by chance it does ship you can call us back and we can call fed ex and request to reroute it to a different address. Well yeh that is real helpful because so far you have been little HELP! sheesh!!!!!!! SO I am way annoyed worried some random person will get my ring and I will have paid for it. I mean what if it does ship, go to the wrong address and someone else signs for it and gets it, YET I am still responsible for it even though I have tried as much as I seem to be able to at this point to get it fixed. A seriously jacked up situation that I am serious annoyed about. I do hope it gets rectified but at this point I have little faith!


  1. If you paid with a credit card then just cancel the sale with them. Or cancel the sale with Zales altogether.

  2. I tried canceling with sales and they stated they could not do it. However, it has bee shipped and received I got fed ex to changed the address, HOWEVER, when I got it a stone was missing....Yeh I was not at all thrilled, lol. My luck, so I am also done with online jewelry shopping, eh I should know better I guess. But I was able to return it to a store in city. SO I am just waiting for the bank to process and make sure the credit goes through! Again, I think I will giving up most online shopping, lately it seems to have caused me more headache than not. It must be a sign lol!