Monday, November 9, 2009


Well I have not been feeling well. Age is coming up one me I guess. I used to never go to the DR and now it seems I want to go, bleh. SO I went last wednesday and my BP was way high, which is is always at work, but that is work so that is another story, but this was a day I was off and had been doing pretty much nothing, so that was no good. So I started a new BP medicine, and oh wow what fun that has been. It caused me to miss two days at work, well actually one then I went the next day and had to leave because I was dizzy and clamy and could barely stand up, let alone do anything else. So then we I finally made it back On Saturday night, I was feeling better, but I was super tired and could barely help my patients find their balance! So needless to say I am not feeling myself physically I feel like a huge bloated balloon that can not stand up right :S So that has also led me to feel bleh and sorry for myself I guess. So here I sit at work and the normal things that annoy me are only amplified. (sigh) I am really trying to fight my self defetist attitude but in the silence of my own self, I am having a hard time. So here I sit at work and have 5 hours left still...someone help me :(

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