Friday, July 30, 2010

To better sleep like I had today

As I prepare to say goodbye to my current job, I am saddened by all the people I will miss. However, I know I must do for me, and my reasons for going are better off for me and my family. We all must make choices and I am happy with this one, as is my family.

So an end to now but on to better. I am not my job, it is just what I do. I have to remind myself of this sometimes, well a lot ha ha. As we all are who we are, not what job we have. I have been blessed with many people in my life, including those I have met here. I will treasure the friendships I have made and the people who have helped me so much! You will be missed as much as I am. I am also so blessed to be able to leave a full time well paying job to chase dreams and live with more simplicity (or try to be more simple lol)

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