Monday, July 5, 2010

A bit of everywhere

So I really have been all over the place, I guess. I have done a lot of shopping, always fun right lol. SO I also had to do some rearranigng in the art craft area, the dining room, :). I also of course had to play with some of the new things I got. Plus this has been my four day work week, on my last day right now actually. Thoiught I would post quickly while it was still semi quiet before I go and wake everyone up. I have done a bit of sewing and some designing for some sewing. I finished up these two blocks for the SKHQB2, this is the last month for this bee. I have my DQS9 all sketched out and osme fabrics picked out, I need to start on it this week. I also have a quilt for a co worker I need to get completed so they can ship it off for a Christmas gift for their first grand-daughter. SOO sheesh now that I get all this down in writing here, I feel overwhelmed lol. But there is still plenty of time to get it done. I am just super tired and need to make myself go to bed early when I get off work in the AM, to make sure I get plenty of good sleep!

I also have been doing some art journaling and working on some ne wmini albums form tutorials I have been watching on youtube. I also put some videos up on youtube, now that is super scary lol. I never thought I would get hooked to youtube, but i have and i am loving it and learning so much! :D So on that note, I have got a long list of ideas for gifts this holiday season and just ideas I want to try. Alot of it a mix of scrapbooking, mixed media, journaling stuff.

I can not upload pictures fmor work...that stinks. I thought I woul dbe able to get them from my flickr site but it is not happening so no pictures this time around.

SO next time I will share some pictures with you guys. :D Hope you all had a great weekend!

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