Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So it is indeed crazy that it is almost October. And I have not even posted ANYTHING since i went back to work, lol. I just got done with my paper shoes for the paper shoe swap I joined over on So I will have those pictures up after I make the video, etc. SO probably tomorrow night. I am really thrilled with how they came out! :)

Otherwise I have been back to work, and I do find it hard to check and reply to emails let alone blog when I work my 12 hour shifts. heh, barely got time to sleep between them sometimes. :) but that is OK because it is worth it to have more than 2 days off in a row! :) I also have not been well, my tummy of course. I really need to get into my NP and sadly see about seeing a specialist, I guess. Very unhappy about that, but my issues just keep getting worse. I do also have some other things weighing heavily on my mind and heart but I will leave those out for now. With the time of season it is and such, I always get like this about this time.

Other than trying to be seriously productive, I have been watching a few shows on Netflix and trying to get through some of the books I have piled up!

BUT what I really need to be doing is finishing this Christmas gifts that so need to be done!

I hope you all find you mid week breakthrough! :D

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