Friday, October 14, 2011


I have oncall for 36 hours this weekend, hoping it will be a smooth time. So far so good, but it has only been like 3 hours lol and the phone is ringing that is what I get for talking about it huh!

And back! And I was saying...who knows BUT I have been being a bit crafty in the last two weeks, which is good! Not stressing it and if I have a few moments I do something even if it is only a tiny bit!

I do have a project I need to make for a daughter of my good friend, some wrist bands to cover her tattoos so she can wear a short sleeve shirt at work, she is a server at TGIF.

Also been playing my WOW of course, Beerfest just ended so I got all the required achievements but one and will get that one next year. And the Halloween bit starts next week and I only have two required achievements left on that one, one is uber hard for me though since i have been trying for three years and still have not got it lol! And when I say required achievements, they are all required to get the big achievement so I can get a violet proto drake that I can fly! :D

And I have some pictures I need to upload form my camera but until then here is one I will share!



  1. You maybe explained this in past posts, but I have no clue what WOW is or what getting achievements is about--and flying a violet proto drake? Would I find out on other blog posts? Can you tell me where to look? Sounds so interesting.

    Nice of you to help your friend's daughter cover her tattoos, BTW. Nice that you've gotten in some craft time, too. Love the fur babies! :)

  2. haha Rita, WOW as in World of Warcraft the MMRPG game from Blizzard who make tons of money from my husband and I as well as many other families! But I enjoy it! :D And I love doing the achievements they set up on there, although last round of updates they made some changes that made me mad, anyway, but my husband he does not like doing achievements he just games and does dungeons etc, which I do as well, but I like the little pointless accomplishments! I will have to make another post more in depth on WOW and my characters and stuff :D

  3. Oh okay! Now that all makes more sense to me. ;) You'd think I would have had some clue as my son and DIL are gamers. I don't know if they do WOW, tho.

    They have a gaming convention up here in Fargo every October and Dagan and Leah host a suite every year, so they are busy getting ready for that right now. :)

    Thanks for the explanation. I probably wouldn't understand much more than what you already told me. :):)

  4. cool a reason for me to visit one day then! Very neat! :D