Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes I got a new video up on YT, just a project I finished about 2 months ago! But I was determined to get a video up before the new year rolled around. Getting on track creatively and able to share it with you all with the new job has been a struggle . Anyhow for your viewing pleasure! :D


  1. Looks like it was fun to make! I want to get up a couple videos before the new year, too. Been forever! You're an inspiration for me to get moving on that. ;)
    Merry Christmas to you, too. :):)

  2. Rita: I did have a great time making it! :D I hope you can get those vids up, it is truly amazing I got one up! And again I really do not like the new look of YT well the look is ok but they took away my X, so I cannot delete vids that I do not think I want to watch or ones I have watched, seriously annoying!