Saturday, March 17, 2012


I wish I was not working an extra 12 hour shift this evening at my PRN/old job but need the extra cash to catch up from the dentist emergency! AND my husband desktop died so of course he know has more need to use my laptop for his gaming, but it kind of works out, he is thrilled and has fallen in love with my laptop so it is now his lol and I bought a new desktop that will be here Monday, another chunk of money we were not expecting so soon, but it will be OK. I am excited to go back to using a desktop, having a larger monitor and dual monitoring soon! It will be exciting for all the new digital stuff I have delved into lately, I think. I am hoping the computer is top notch, as can be, I researched a brand I have never used before but it is American made so that thrills me and the price was very affordable for what you get.I will keep you guys apprised on that!

Anyway I have been very productive and I have some good motivation so I wish I would be at home to use it instead of behind bars, but I have plans to do some brainstorming for some new ideas and I have a fundraiser in May that I will be helping with and selling some things!

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  1. I know the dentist and computer purchases are a royal pain, but I'm glad you have a new desktop computer coming. You sound like you are learning all kinds of things that sound like Greek to me--LOL! Happy for you!

    Besides having to work, have a good weekend, Lady! :)