Friday, March 9, 2012

o surprises!

SO my week has been crazy, sort of, at least for my norm! Tuesday while chewing gum, my crown from a root canal I had way back when I was 14, popped off stuck to the gum, early in the morning at work, so I could not enjoy my lunch and had to do a telephone detective game to figure out who I had dental insurance with and what dentist they had auto assigned us because apparently I never picked one!

But I was successful and discovering who he was and he was able to fit me in after I got off work as long as I was there by 5pm, no problem that would be workable! SO going in I just figured OK he is fitting me he will probably ask me to come back later to fix this and fix that, since I know I had more issues than just that crown popping off. I DID NOT go in thinking he would replace the crown with the current crown (which is working so far but I have not had gum, I miss gum!) and give me two fillings in one molar and a root canal in another! NEEDLESS to say I was surprised as was my bank account and my freaking jaw hurt :S

And I still have to go back next Wednesday fr the rest of the root canal, and pay the rest of the bill, lol. (sigh) But I was able to enjoy my lunch the rest of the week!

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  1. Sounds like it was meant to be so you'd get in and get those things fixed, I guess. I hate dentists. Have had many bad experiences. Even though I've had better dentists the last few years, I still hate going but I have been trying to go regularly to avoid the kind of thing you just went through. Poor thing!! What a shock! It will be good when this part is done, though.
    Hope you're having a decent weekend, despite the half done root canal. ;)