Friday, April 6, 2012

Just back

from vacation! Sort of :) I went back to work today, I know Good Friday, I should have just taken it off to who goes back to work on a Friday, well me apparently!

And I had plans to blog on vacation to, since we actually did not go anywhere since we spent that money on the dentist and a new pc, which is OK with us.

We had a nice time at home caught up on some movies, played video games and had a nice anniversary , we went out with friends and played pool.

And I did not go to sleep thinking about work and I only checked my phone I think 3 times! Which is very impressive!

But alas, I did not blog, but I have a few pictures to upload and share with you, when I get them uploaded! :D And I have been keeping an eye on you guys! :D

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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