Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Checking in

Ok guys, it has been forever! I have wanted to blog and share many things, I had to prioritize though. Work became very overwhelming when they let the other scheduler go and I was on call all the time and very stressed. Add on school to that and it has been like crazy stressful and I have been suffering from fatigue big time! There is a new scheduler that started  2 weeks ago and she is up and ready, doing the every other week/weekend bit for on call.

SO with that being said, I do want to really start working some long term plans to get my business back up and going, while still working full time and finishing up school. I am not sure it is feasible or not, but I have to at least try and make a plan!

My new motto for the next few months, PLAN THE WORK. WORK THE PLAN.

I have also been thinking of investing in paying someone to re design my blog. What do you guys think?


  1. You sound very, very busy! I don't know the first thing about website designs or blog designs. Mine has looked basically the same since I first picked and chose when I started I don't even know how long ago! Six years?

    I say do what you want, but don't stress yourself out. You have a lot going on as it is, so take it in small steps. Do you know somebody who designs blogs?

    Oh, and nice to see you back!! :)

  2. Rita, I think you are my only follower left anyway lol I am grateful! Busy is an understatement!!!

    I always do the blog stuff myself, and think it is kind of meh. So no I really do not know anyone else that does blogs, but websites yes, may ask him and see what he can come up with instead of spending money that could go to other stuff. thank you for the input, I think you are right. :)

    I AM ALSO VERY BEHIND on reading blogs I miss google reader OMG, feedly sucks for me! :(