Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Today I won...

Hello!!!! I always plan to blog WAY more than I ever do, like i write blogs in my head when I cannot sleep at night, but never actually then put them here, where I should. really at night when I cannot sleep I should just open the app up and blog, but I do not, I do try really hard to sleep but, yeh I digress!

Short Story, it is hard to blog sometimes! 

BUT today I won the chili cook off contest we had at work for our annual chili cook and Halloween contest. SERIOUSly surprised and impressed with myself as this is my first time ever making chili of any kind in my life! I made a creamy chicken chili recipe I found off pinterest and added some zingy flare as when I cook (as rare as that is), I do like to get experimental!

Won a gift card, so that was nice. :) 


  1. Congrats!! Sounds delicious!
    I used to blog a few times a week. Now it's more like once every week or two, but I keep going. :)

  2. Yes you do, no one reads me but you I am sure, which is enough, but just saying! I have a lot to say, but work consumes my energy. I have gotten better again, but it is still a cycle of up and down sometimes. I have been thinking I might do more vlogs but I don't know for sure yet.

    AS ALWAYS, thanks for keeping up with me!