Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May - and some Quilts

I wanted to really be productive this month so I sent off for two quilt kits from Quilts for Kids. I really enjoy doing quilts for them, it is great to not only get the kits but you can send quilts you have made as well. I wanted to do some more practicing for free motion quilting, and charity quilts are really a great way to do that. SO I do have two of those to finish in the next 4 weeks, sew and quilt them and bind them. I asked for it. :S I will post those when done! They will be super cute.

ALSO - HOW THE HECK is it already almost the end of May?

I really have been busy, so that is good, just not been busy blogging or making YouTube videos. Which I am again learning is OK. Just because it worked for me before, and I was able to do it more often before, does not mean it will be that way always. And I really have to work on letting go of the guilt with it. Sounds silly to have guilt about it, but I think since I really want to be out there sharing and I am not, that is where it comes form.  It really is OK where I am right now. :) And where ever I end up will also be OK.

So for the beauty that has been in process and if you follow me over on Instagram you have seen. But it can never be too many places. :) The lighting a bit off, but that is OK. I am absolutely in love with how this is looking. I just have to trim her up and add my borders and then figure out how to quilt her! My first y seams! Not too bad and my triangles line up so well!! I cannot wait to get to working on another one in some different colors, not sure what yet though. These fabrics have been in my stash for well over 10 years, I bought them for something, but could not remember what, so put them together in this.

Be Blessed!!!!
♥ Desiree


  1. Love the bright colors of the quilt. Wonderful thing to donate them.

    I've been having a hard time blogging, too. Just did after five weeks. I am going to attempt once a week now. We'll see how it goes. ;)

    1. Thank you Rita! Sometimes we just have to do what we can do and well blogging is not always the top of the list. I hear ya!
      Hope the summer brings you some renewed energy for your health, I know it is tough to even get up some days I bet. :(