Friday, December 4, 2009

a bit of an update

Well I really have been out of it. I do have a good few many things as far as quilting, and the yarn I made in my drop spindle class and some paper I made to post, but I just have not. I will try to do that Monday morning when I get off work. I could use the holidays as an excuse but that really only took abotu 2 off my days. I have been moving a bit of furniture and unpacking a bit more but really I slept too much and watched way too much tv. SO bleh. I was really trying to be more productive but it seems after two days of that I got stuck in a bad mood and found that I was happier in the bed or watching a movie. I so dislike it when I get like that but once I am there, it is indeed so hard to get out. SO I do hope to get some pictures up of the things I have been doing. Plus I have many things I HAVE to finish, on a deadline, that I hope to get all those done.

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