Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drop Spindle Class

I had a drop spindle class last month and made my very own yarn from wool roving. At the moment it is hanging over my sink in my was drying and I have yet to move it anywhere else. It actually looks nice there. :) I enjoyed it and am glad I took the class, I do not think I really could have got a handle on it on my own. I have not however done anything else with it since. I have a bit of wool roving left over, but I want to use it to felt over some handmade soap and try that out. So I need to get more roving, but I am trying to no overload myself with buying all this new stuff that may sit there forever, like so many things right. :) I have found in the last few weeks that there has been a lot on my mind and work has been seriously stressful and physically tiring. I have been left with little energy when I am home to even muster the strength to do anything. Which is very sad, which is a hard spot to get out of. With all the thoughts lately of whether to go back to school o try and have kids, it is very frustrating. And eh it gets pretty deep with past issues of trying and what nots etc so I will not get into that, but to say the least I am as of late, just not sure what to do. And my husband saying what will happen will happen etc attitude is all good and well, I know he means well but you know when you have hard time conceiving, well that just dos not cut it, you have to give it some help! Anyway, enough on that! I will share my pictures of the first yarn I made!

It is a bit clumpy here and there, and that is all about drafting, which defiantly takes practice to get it to go the way you want it to every time. I do want to practice on that because I would like to make a overall thinner yarn. The pink bit of yarn is jut where I had it tied together when I was soaking it so it would not fall apart.

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