Monday, December 21, 2009

What I got accomplished today

Well I am glad that I got more accomplished today than I thought I would or had planned to. I still have oodles that are really on my to do list though that I have not done, :P. However I did get this done...

I sewed binding to the charity quilt that I am like way behind on, will get it sewn down by tomorrow afternoon and mailed this week. Which is good. Will post pic when done.

I sewed binding onto a wall hanging that I have had AROUND FOR YEARS. I found it while reorganizing and playing etc. I plan on hanging it in the bathroom for it will create a theme and I have fabric for a curtain picked out already, also had it around or a good bit. I will post a pic and more on that when I hang it up.

I did laundry...yes yes FUN!

I bought tickets for the movie tomorrow night.

I got three more plastic bins of fabric reorganized and to be taken downstairs for keeping. That makes 9 so far and I need to purchase two more and I have three sitting in the floor in the dining room still.

Yes..while reorganizing, I picked fabric for a new project (sigh). It is going to be a New York Beauty, and I am using some perfect pastels by Robyn Pandolf. They are many years old now. So although a new project started, will be all fabric from the stash! :D

...I think that is all the major stuff. OH AND I BLOGGED :P

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