Sunday, June 27, 2010


It has been a rough week at work, and on top of that I have been super awesome and done all my marathon training for this first week. SO GO ME! :D SO my legs are like WTH woman!!??!

SO now I have a few days off and I have a good many projects to ge done and start lol :D bad for starting more huh, eh oh well.

I have two blocks to finish to get mailed out for SKHQB2, they are half finished.
I have to get m package for FQ swap sent this week, waiting for the two blocks to be done though so I can mail all at once. :D

Then I have to start on my DQS9...YES. I have an idea, but I need to gather some bits of fabric and do a sketch and some finalized sizing and such.

Other than that, I am waiting on my multitude of stuff I bought earlier this week to come in :S lol Working on some little chipboard albums and other little albums for Christmas gifts as well. I found all the tutorials on youtube. I am probably way behind but they were all new and super cute to me so a great way to use the massive amount of papers I collect.


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  1. Desi-

    I just got in the remaining of your items on Friday and we will be shipping them out on Monday via USPS. You will get an email when it goes out.